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Published 2018-03-16
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Worst nail designs ever

Why are people doing this to their nails? It should be called 'nail crime'! Nails ought to be trim and well-maintained. You can offer them nice manicure and make them look like a real artwork. However, people sometimes have so many crazy, ridiculous ideas that even their nails experience that...
This article presents the worst ideas of nail art that you have ever seen. Beware of them, otherwise, you will be just ridiculed!

Are they your weapon or something?

Someone probably wanted to be the second Pablo Picasso

Looks like it's done by a five-year-old girl...

Cute... but also too ridiculous!

Are they your nails or your noticeboard?

How creepy! Men will run away!

So scary! It looks like blood!

Only Barbie could be happy with that!

Are you going to eat them...?

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Are they your weapon or something?
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