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How to deal with the fact that he likes you but isn't ready for a relationship

You spend a lot of time together and it seems that both of you have fun and a lot of pleasure, however, one day he says ‘I like you but we won’t be a couple’. Such words can be very people especially when you’ve already engaged in the relationship and when you were sure that what you both felt was love. You even told all your best friends and family that you have a boyfriend, and in your dreams, you were already wearing a wedding dress standing by his side. Why did he tell you that? And how to deal with this terrible fact? Read the article for the answers.



Well, you can be so ashamed and confused that you won’t ask him for the explanation. It may be awkward to talk about it and you may just feel like crying so it’s better to leave the conversation if he doesn't want to justify himself. When you are calmer and stronger to face the truth then you can delicately ask him why he pretended to be your boyfriend, whereas it turned out that he didn’t return your love. It’s better to know the reasons than to constantly wonder why.

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Why? 1

The first reason that you can hear from him is that he just doesn’t want a girlfriend. Apparently, he is not mature enough to engage in a serious relationship or it’s just an excuse because he may already have some other girlfriend! He may turn out to be a two-faced man who was actually dating two girls at the same time and treated that as a kind of a casting when at the end he wanted to choose the best one. In this case, he wouldn’t be worth your attention anyway.

Why? 2

He may have realized that you are not the one. Maybe you were getting along with each other but deep in his heart, he felt that you are not his dream girlfriend with whom he wants to start a family. Well, maybe it’s just better to know it now and avoid conflicts in the future because some of your flaws or bad sides could be not accepted by him. However, he may be afraid of telling you this fact as this is rather a painful truth.

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Why? 3

Sometimes it may turn out that he just treated you as… a cure for his heartbreak, a rebound. If he had a girlfriend before you’ve met and it was not successful, then he might have just wanted someone to support him and spend time with. Now he recovered, got over his heartbreak and he doesn’t need your attention anymore. What a villain! You should cancel his number and forget about him. If you were together in the future then he would probably need you only while having a problem, and the love wouldn’t be true and dedicated.

Why? 4

There is also one more explanation but you need to answer the question ‘Have you already meet his family?’. Maybe he didn’t invite you to his family events but you were handing him some book or just they saw you together in the shop. If yes, then it’s possible that they have influenced his decision. He may like you very much but you don’t know what his mother is thinking about you. She may don’t like your hairstyle or sense of humor and suggested her son give up the relationship.

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Why? 5

What to do?

If he doesn’t want to explain his decision and you still cannot figure it out then just take it for granted. If you take it at face value and move on with your life then you can be really happy, no matter if you’re still friends or not. He’s not the only man in the world! You need to return to your passions (when you gave them up because you sacrificed all your free time to him) or just find something, new, fascinating that will make you engaged and concentrated all the time so that you wouldn't cry and dwell on the heartbreak.

What to do?

Believe it’s a good change

Hopefully, you were not that attached to him to realize now that you cannot spend time without his company. The man who refuses to commit and engage in a relationship and even doesn't want to justify this behavior, shouldn’t take away your happiness and high self-esteem. This heartbreak can teach you a lot and add to your life experiences. That makes you more mature and wiser. When you engage in a different relationship, then you will be stronger if any problems occur. Well, the heart wants what it wants and we cannot do much about it.

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Believe it’s a good change

You might be still crazy about him but also depressed and heartbroken. But why are you so desperate to be with him? Think about all his bad sides and what truly irritated you. Make a list of them and whenever you start dreaming about his presence then read aloud all the disadvantages that he has. That can help you get over him. And most of all look around. Maybe some other guy chases you and wants to get to know you?

Believe it’s a good change 1

If you feel it’s a right time then don’t hesitate to start a new relationship. You should forget about that guy who broke your heart. Well, you can still be friends but it would be hard and quite awkward for both of you. And the new relationship is always a good chance. But at the beginning, always be prepared for the heartbreak. When people just get to know each other and not know their bad sides and flaws, then everything may seem so sweet and romantic but then when all of them are more visible, some cowards tend to run away. The only thing that always helps is honesty. Talk about your expectations and determine firmly if this is still a friendship or a relationship. That may prevent you from a painful heartbreak.

Believe it’s a good change 2

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Believe it’s a good change 3
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