Published 2018-03-19
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Relation between your month of birth and your future partner

A survey of 2.5 million marriages shows that the happiest marriages are born in the months closest to each other. For example, a woman from July loves gentlemen from May and August. She rarely loves December borns.

Those born this month from the young age set their goals and strive for them consistently. The January woman is loved by men from January, March, and October, although these relationships do not end with marriage. The January guys are attracted to ladies from October. However, they do not pay attention to women born in July and August.


When it comes to females and males born in next month which is February, both women and men have very wide interests. Magical bonds are connecting February woman with the man from the same month as her or April. Guys born in February are crazy about women born in October and also in February. Relationships with women born in the rest of the months are much less exciting for them.

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Women who were born in this month are exceptionally getting along with male representants who were born in all months of the year. On the other hand, men that were born in February and August are outside of their matrimonial interests. In turn, March men have got the greatest feeling and trust in the ladies born in January. Ultimately, women can also be from July.


When it comes to female representants of April borns, April woman most often falls in love with men who were born in June. She is also captivated by those born in July. The heart of a lady born in April is less likely to beat when she sees men from September and November. In turn, the men born in April are crazy about the ladies from February. Much colder emotions are shown by them to January and May born women.

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Speaking about ladies who were born in May, they have a rich arsenal of means to seduce men. Thanks to them, May woman will quickly lead to the altar a man born in December. Those born in February, April and June do not have the slightest chance. Speaking about men from May, they are patiently looking for a lady from June and August, because only with her he can create a long-term and stable relationship.


When it comes to people who were born in this month, they are unwavering life optimists who see only positive sides. Ladies born in June can be sometimes very emotional and sensual. Men who were born in May, June, and November have the best chances to obtain her interest. On the other hand, men born in June can feel a great love only to women from April, June, and July.

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Their cheerful mood and well-being are common features of people who were born this month. The woman who was born in July starts long-lasting relationships with men born in May, August or October. July born males feel best in the company of April and December born women. Women born in February should give up on trying to seduce July born men...


Women who were born in August will find their happiness in the arms of a man born in May or in the same month. On the other hand, the ladies born in June, October and December have the greatest chances for an innocent flirt with August born men. However, he begins long-term and happy relationships only with January, March, and November born women.

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People who were born in this month are characterized by features such as analytical and logical thinking. And what about love? Both September born women and September born men start long-term relationships. September women love men from January. September men are attracted to ladies born in October or December, but their hearts beat faster also when they see women from April and August.



People born in a month which is October have strong characters, are self-confident and quickly gain authority at work. On the other hand, October born woman can easily be enslaved to January, February, August, and September born men. When it comes to men born in October, they are suitable for ladies who were born in January, July or November.

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Speaking of women who were born this month, they are definitely attracted to men from October and November. Additionally, August born men also have some chances. In turn, November born males definitely prefer ladies from June, November, and December. He probably will not create a permanent relationship with January or April born woman.



Last but not least, we are speaking of December borns. Those people who were born this month are optimistic individuals. The December woman is giving men from July, August, and November a faster heartbeat. May born men are less attractive to her. In turn, December born man will give a warm feeling to May born woman. Unfortunately, ladies from February and July seem unattractive to him.

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