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Published 2018-03-20
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9 Bad habits that make you feel tired

Inappropriate diet, lack of water or sleep and many others - they are things that may influence your health and lead to some serious diseases. You may say that it’s just your lifestyle or you are always in a hurry and can’t concentrate on balanced life. But then you just start complaining about being totally exhausted and even the best massage or favorite music won’t help if you don’t replace your bad habits with healthier ones. Maybe it’s time for some changes in your life?

1. Too much of coffee

Caffeine, that is included in coffee, should stimulate your body and make you more energetic. However, it’s totally opposite! People who drink a lot of coffee tend to be more tired and less energetic! why does it happen! Coffee makes your life dehydrated and when your organism lacks water then it functions much worse. Also, coffee lessens your appetite and that’s why you eat less than you should. That’s why if you are really addicted to coffee than try to replace one cup with green tea (it’s so beneficial) and also drink more water.

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2. Too much of sugar

Sweets’ lovers won’t be happy with this fact. However, it’s true that if you eat lots of sweet then you are also more tired! Why does it happen! The products that are packed with sugar cause rapid insulin production. That’s why after eating lots of chocolate bars and cakes you feel sleepy and exhausted. What can you do in this case? Of course, cut down on sweets! But also remember to consume more fiber when you eat sweet and generally, involve more protein and healthy fats in your diet.

3. Internet

Well, now everyone has one or even more smartphones or laptops where you have access to the Internet. And it’s so easy to lose track of time and spend numerous hours just scrolling down your Facebook or checking inbox. However, it’s a very detrimental habit which was also proved by researchers. By overusing your smartphone you tend to sleep less and you forget about exercise outdoors, working out in the gym or just some relaxation in a peaceful environment with your eyes closed. If you keep forgetting about them then less energy and tiredness will be common things in your life.

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4. Lack of sleep

Well, people have different needs when it comes to sleeping. Some of them need just five hours and other feel refreshed only when they sleep nine or more hours. One thing is for sure, you can't neglect such important thing in your life. If you don’t take into account then your concentration, beauty, and general condition will be worse. You will be so tired lacking the energy that even the best makeup won’t help you. Additionally, lack of sleep can lead to diabetes and obesity!

5. Cola

You probably replace the standard cola with a new ‘light’ version and now you seem to be happy with this ‘healthy’ change. Oh, you are wrong! According to the research conducted by European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, the artificial sweeteners that are now more often added not only in cola but also in ice creams, chocolate bars, and any other carbonated drinks can be very harmful to your body. They can destroy your memory and increase the risk of oxidative stress. This may lead to cancer, sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease.

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6. Too much of salt

If you want your brain to function properly and also to protect your concentration and memory, then you should cut down on salt. Researchers have proved that when you often consume products that are packed with a big amount of salt then you don’t only increase the risk of being obese, but also make your brain work slower and less efficiently. What to do instead? Pay attention to the products you buy and check how much salt they contain. Also, try to replace salt with some other healthier spices.

7. Too much of sitting

Working in front of the computer, in your car and then again in front of your laptop or the TV. That’s how a typical day of most people look like. However, a sedentary lifestyle can ruin your health. It doesn’t only badly affect your back and metabolism. You can also experience headaches and problems with breathing as you lack such valuable thing as oxygen (unless you work outdoors). All of it has also influence on your brain as you may have problems with concentration and work less efficiently. Maybe it’s high time to do something with your lifestyle? If you don’t want to change your job, then you can at least replace your car with a bike.

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8. Being ill and working

Flue, tonsillitis or just a cold - you cannot ignore these diseases! Why are you working instead of lying in your bed? Unfortunately, such ailments are treated as temporary and not harmful by many employers so you can feel obliged to still perform your obligations. But what may be the consequences? It can be a huge burden on your organism, especially on your brain. This important organ is not able to work efficiently and properly when you’re ill. It means that you will need more time to fully recover feeling more tired than usual.

9. Lack of breakfast

You should remember that breakfast is the most important meal during the whole day. If you skip it then your brain will function less efficiently, which also increase your ability to concentrate on your work. Also, when you feel hungry since the early morning then you can be in a bad mood, lose your temper easily and become more tired even if the day has just begun. Also, you are more prone to eat a big amount of food during the day. If this thing concerns you then it’s high time to change your diet for more regular and balanced one.

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