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Hollywood celebs who look just like stars from the adult movie industry!

Have you ever been approached by someone only because you look like someone they know or even they get you mistaken for that person!? Have you ever seen some celebrities that look so much alike that you cannot take them apart?! This does happen in Hollywood quite often because there is a small community of the famous people and at the end of the day, only certain looks are catchy enough to make a famous face, right?! Now imagine if they change this Hollywood industry and combine it with all the rest of the industries around the world, namely adult movie industry! Here are some Hollywood celebs who look just like stars from adult movie industry!

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is one of the celebrities who is known for her beauty and her voluptuous figure. Everyone wants to see what is hidden behind all that layers of clothing and she sure is one of the girls that almost every guy had a fantasy with! We are not sure if she has heard about the fact that there is an adult star who looks just like her but if not, and also for the curious readers, Amanda X-Art is the one that looks just like Scarlett Johansson and she has got it all to give you a great view of your desire.

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Anna Kendrick

Not sure if you are into people who look like Anna Kendrick since she is a comedian but if she is your type, then we have a surprise for you! There is another beautiful bombshell but in the adult movie industry who looks just fine and you sure won’t have any difficulties going through her videos pretending that she is Anna Kendrick. The uncanny and striking resemblance of the two makes you have a fine experience.

Miley Cyrus

You might think that you have seen all that Miley Cyrus has to offer in the Wrecking Ball music video but what we are sure is that you have not seen her in action! Or there is a video we have no idea about! Remember how the star was living the best of her both world as Hannah Montana?! Now it seems like she is doing the same thing only that they are not the same people. Capri Anderson is the one who is living almost the same life in the adult industry. The star is almost even as scandalous and Miley herself.

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Shakira is also one of the celebrities who is known for her impeccable and seductive look. So many of the people that we personally know have enjoyed their time with the Can’t Remember to Forget You music video and surprisingly Rihanna was not the hot lady there according to them! Shakira was the one that caught the attention of the opposite gender and we do not blame them! In case, you are into this type of face, you can go to Carmel Moore who knows her way in the bedroom like an expert.

Natalie Dormer

For whatever reason, I personally can never understand why men are incredibly into Natalie Dormer. You cannot find a single person who is not into this lady. If after witnessing her death in the series GOT you have lost all the hope you had, it is time to turn on to a new series that is never ending and she sure won’t be killed here! Indi, known much more as Indi redhead, is the queen you need to concur your fantasy.

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Alicia Keys

Even though right now Alicia Keys is wearing absolutely no makeup these days, she still is one of the most attractive ladies out there! Even Kelly Clarkson cannot resist her charm as she said on The Voice that if I were into girls, I would definitely go with Alicia Keys! We do not blame up Kelly. If you want to continue your fantasies with this lady, you can just turn it into the reality by watching Anetta Keys in action. Man, you need to see Anetta Keys in action! You might even change your mind and become more her fan than Alicia’s.

Rose Leslie

There are so many people who are just into every single celebrity that has appeared on GOT and come one! Who would not be with a fighter and a dominator?! The submissive ones want to try it, the dominators want to dominate them! It is just a win-win situation! Maybe HBO is the one to blame for people’s sensual fantasies now! In case she is the one you are into, knowing that she is already taken, you can go for Anna Skye who can take your fantasies to a whole new level.

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Nicole Kidman

Haven’t we just seen enough of Nicole Kidman, people?! Come on! However, since she has stared in the new series Big Little Lies, she has turned everyone’s fantasy to a more advanced level. More hardcore like. If you cannot get enough of the scenes in the series, there is a lookalike that will do what you want, whenever you want with a high variety! All you need to do is to check Diane Deluna and be ready to be hypnotized by her undeniable beauty and you know what!

Michelle Trachtenberg

If there is one star that we are almost sure that she is living two lives, that is Michelle Trachtenberg! Just look at Missy Stone and let’s see if you still can differentiate the two! These two look so much alike that it is scary! If you are into Michelle Trachtenberg and have your own w*t dreams about her, why don’t you check Missy Stone to turn your dreams into reality?!
Which one shocked you the most?! If there are more adult stars who look like celebrities, share them in the comment section.

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