Published 2018-03-21
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10 True facts about relationships that nobody wants to believe

No matter what your experience in relationships is, you know some basic facts that take place while you're with somebody. On the other hand, there is some true information about relationships that nobody wants to believe... Check a list of 10 examples in today's article...
1. There is no such man as "one and only"
Psychologists claim that there is no explanation for the women who are in couples and say: I chose him because he was the "one and only". The woman chooses a partner because she feels that special feeling for him and then she works on it to make the person fit better. Most of the time we can hear dialogues in movies saying that "he is that one and only", right?

2. We are attracted to people who later drive us crazy

Apparently, opposites are attracted to each other, only you have to realize that something that at the beginning is exciting and attractive to you, in the course of time it can drive you crazy. If you are a very organized person and you are fascinated by a partner who lives a moment and plans nothing, you will not endure in time and you will find that such knowledge will not survive in the long run. It's better to think about the subject right away and realize the consequences of being in such a relationship.

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3. The possibility of a break-up is lower if you have a common account or pet

It's difficult but it happens to be true. Scientific research has shown that couples who have a common bank account or collectively take care of their common pet, are less likely to part because these "obligations" merge their relationship. When deciding on having a pet or making a decision on a commons account in a bank, it is better to think about what you will do if you break up.

4. Most people have unrealistic expectations for their relationship

Most people have unreasonable expectations of the relationship and it is often fatal. If you have an idea about your relationship, that it will look like in the best romantic comedy, better realize that life is not a fairy tale and there are good and bad moments. With this knowledge, it will be easier for you to maintain your relationship. Better use your common sense and be the realist.

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5. If you have different values, the relationship will not survive

While our interests may change, values ​​have been forming in us since childhood and are like pillars. If our partner has completely different values, sooner or later your relationship will have no chance of survival. If you like to save, and your partner will not pay attention to this and every penny earned, then in time you will have a lack of interest in this topic and it will be a frequent topic of your quarrels. Never change your life values ​​because you will act against yourself and that is the worst thing you can do.

6. You are not always happy in a relationship

Although it is hard for you to accept, you have to realize that even in the best relationships there are times when you feel unhappy. This is what life is all about. It has its ups and downs, it behaves like a sinusoid in maths. If you realize this, it will be easier for you to approach this situation as if it were something normal. And if something bad is happening in your relationship, remember that every cloud has a silver lining.

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7. Different education of partners may lead to a break-up

There is nothing to cheat: differences in education affect our relationships to a high extent. A person with higher education will sooner or later cease to have common topics, interests, with a person who does not have this education. People being together in a relationship need to find their common platform and language they can use to communicate. And it's not like that when the education of the two is completely divergent...

8. Passion can weaken your relationship

Although in the beginning, when you see that your man or woman has their passion and it turns you over, then over time the passion of a partner that is not related to your interests causes that instead of getting closer to each other, you move away. Couples who can understand the partner's passions know that everyone needs a springboard and needs to stay in their own world every now and then. Then such a relationship will survive, otherwise, you will be passing each other by.

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9. Happiness now does not guarantee happiness in the future

Even if you think that you are happy at this moment and it seems to you that nothing will change in this matter, it may turn out that this condition may change in a few years. As we age, we change, our expectations change and that is why it is worth being aware of it and working on it so that nothing disturbs your relationship, and even if it does, you must be able to get out of the crisis.

10. The reason for a break-up can be "bad time"

Even relationships in which partners love each other, fall apart. What could be the reason? It may happen that a man does not feel ready for a serious relationship because he wants to focus on his career and secure financial stability for himself and his woman. If the partner does not understand this and does not want to wait, often such a relationship ends with a break-up. Of course, the situation can be reversed and the woman can choose a career before she decides to have a family.

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