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7 Celebrities who wish they had not done their tattoos...

The biggest advantage of having a tattoo for you will be that you will feel a unique individualist. Your body will be the canvas on which the image was created, something that you will admire until the end of your life. A tattoo can show your personality, life thoughts and feelings. It is a badge on your body. You do not need to have a tattoo all your life. If you get bored, you can delete it. Unfortunately, it costs a lot and is risky.

7 Celebrities who wish they had not done their tattoos... 1

When it comes to negatives of having a tattoo, there are several of them. A tattoo is for life. Of course, you can remove it, using special techniques, but there will always be a trace - a scar on your body. Some employers look badly at this type of decoration, especially when they are large and very visible. The downside is also that there is still a stereotype of many people, people with tattoos as former prisoners or people from the social margin. And in fact, many talented, creative and intelligent people have tattoos.

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7 Celebrities who wish they had not done their tattoos... 2

1. Justin Bieber

This young pop star opened up about his tattoo story on GQ magazine. He talked about how much effort he had to make to remove a tattoo from his body, to be precise, from his wrist. And the tattoo was a picture of an ex-girlfriend of Justin - who is Selena Gomez. "This is my ex-girlfriend, so I tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know," Bieber said in the interview with the magazine. Although he made efforts to remove Selena tattoo from his body, he is still getting tattoed. Justin said lately that he has got a lion inked on the chest.

2. Cheryl Cole

Definitely, one of the most impressive tattoos in the world of pop music belongs to Cheryl Cole. She had it done to cover one tattoo on her lower back that she had done before becoming famous along with Girls Aloud. Cheryl said to Graham Norton that she regretted having her tattoo done, so she covered it with another one and the cost of covering the old tattoo with a new one is almost the same amount as a small car!

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3. Adam Levine

Many women will sigh when they see the handsome Maroon 5 leader, Adam Levine... It was in 2011, in the video for the song "Moves Like Jagger", when he showed the world his tattoed torso for the first time. Most of the viewers of this video were amazed by the tattoos, but Adam was able to see a defect in this work. He admitted that he didn't like his tattoo on his shoulder. He said it looks like "a cauliflower with a sun in the middle of it. It’s just despicable-looking."

1. Justin Bieber

4. Pharrell Williams

The star's skin is covered with a couple of impressive but subtle tattoos. Like our previous protagonists, Williams also removed many of them using laser surgery. He regretted having them done. "I was just young and dumb," he said to the Complex magazine. "I ended up getting them as fast as I could, just going through a really crazy rebellious period," he added. "I still have tattoo removal being done now."

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5. James Arthur

Once, when James was a guest of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, he spoke about things related to his pop music career, but he also opened up about how much he hurt when he was having some tattoos removed and why he decided to do so. James is having a couple of his tattoos removed in order to get more chances to become an actor. "This has been an ongoing thing for a while now," he told about removing his tattoos on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. "I did worry that acting roles might be tough to come by if I've got so many visible tattoos, I didn't want to be always the thug in a film."

6. Zayn Malik

In August 2016 tabloids have reported that Zayn Malik may have had the tattoo of Perrie from Little Mix, his ex-girlfriend, on his right arm. Current girlfriend of Zayn, Gigi Hadid, shared a photo via Snapchat showing a new tattoo on the arm, covering what used to be a tattoo of Perrie before. However, the One Direction star did not explain this situation about the tattoo, whether he covered it or not.

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7. Demi Lovato

Demi has got a tattoo on her wrist which she had inked when she was drunk, according to her words. Demi covered the tattoo, which she said looked like a va*ina, in 2015 but got into an argument with the original artist online, who said that she didn't pay for the tattoo - which she says was exactly what Demi wanted. "I would like to say I'm really sorry I don't remember you or getting tattooed by you," Demi answered on Twitter. "I was simply a drunken teenage girl."

You must at least think twice about it before you decide to make a tattoo yourself. It is a decision for a lifetime. You cannot be guided only by your current mood because the result is irreversible. Many people are delighted with their new image throughout their lives, others want to remove it after a few years. Tattoo enthusiasts often have more. They associate them with wonderful places and memories that can be recalled at any moment. They are unique and symbolic for them. Remember that when you make yourself one, in time you will be tempted by another.

2. Cheryl Cole

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3. Adam Levine
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