Published 2016-07-28
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Hair-raising detail from a photo taken 116 years ago

If you look very carefully at this picture taken 116 years ago and you will feel shivers down your spine. Photo from 1900, taken at an old mill in the city of Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK) was published on the Belfast Live website as part of a historical gallery dedicated to the missing local professions, which were the main source of livelihood for the inhabitants of the ancient city.

Hair-raising detail from a photo taken 116 years ago 1

The image shows a group of 15 barefooted girls who pose facing the camera with arms crossed. On the faces of some of them, we can see a shy smile, while others are quite serious. However, it is easy to see in this photo a scary detail.

On the right side of the photograph on the right shoulder of one of the girls there is “something” that isn’t quite right with the common nature of the image: a hand that doesn’t belong to anyone on this photograph. In addition, considering that all workers have crossed arms, we find this detail very mysterious.

Hair-raising detail from a photo taken 116 years ago 3
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A mysterious hand captured in this photograph was taken 118 years ago...
Flores Carlos
Flores Carlos 8/5/16, 7:41 AM
A guy fell and grabbed the woman's shoulder to get up
BK Scott
BK Scott 8/5/16, 7:41 AM
It was this man..... He does it all the time
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 8/5/16, 7:41 AM
Photographs in those days were a very long exposure. The lens could be open exposing the film to light for several minutes. A person moved out of the shot midway through the exposure.
Klete Kinser
Klete Kinser 8/5/16, 7:41 AM
First ever photoshop
Ka Trell Moore
Ka Trell Moore 8/5/16, 7:41 AM
Welp okay then demonic stuff happened in this picture
Bill Ragsdale
Bill Ragsdale 8/5/16, 7:41 AM
Nobody with any reason would buy that this photo was real???? Next.......
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