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Published 2018-03-22
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How to know that you have a heart disease

Before you know for sure that your heart is having a trouble and is already in a bad condition, you can spot some alarming signs that can tell you that you’d better see your doctor and have your heart thoroughly examined. So what are those symptoms indicating that you have a serious problem with your heart? This article presents eight signs that mean you should see the doctor, according to a well-known Professor of Cardiology, David Newby. If are concerned about your health then you’d better read the article.

Pain in your chest

This symptom is often reported to cardiologists. It appears most often in your breastbone. It’s piercing, lasts for a short time but tends to come back. It can be also accompanied by subfebrile state or suffocation. It can usually appear during some extreme exercise, walking or running fast. The Professor states ‘If you have chest pain and you feel extremely unwell, you should dial 999 and get an ambulance as soon as possible. If it’s a heart attack, it’s usually described as a heaviness, tightness or pressure in the chest; people will often describe it as ‘an elephant sat on my chest’.

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Suffocation and dry cough

You can experience suffocation accompanied by rapid breathing (also called tachypnoea) and shortness of breath. This can be a sign of a heart failure or angina pectoris. During the coughing, you can also hear some kind of whistling sound. If a cough is chronic and is not connected with allergy or cold, then it means you may have some heart disease such as a cardiac dysrhythmia or various types of heart failures. So if you experience these symptoms and they won't go away then it’s time to see your doctor.

Bluey or sweaty skin

Bluey color of your skin can also be an alarming sign. It can mean that you have some heart defect, cardiovascular disease or sclerosis. Most of all, your skin turns to be bluey when your blood has a shortage of oxygen or when there is a problem with hemoglobin. What about sweaty skin? Well, it’s a normal condition when there is hot outside or you worked out a lot but if you both feel sweaty, hot and experience chest pains then you’d better call an ambulance.

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This is what many patients complain about. Unfortunately, fatigue and general exhaustion are not reserved for one particular disease. There may be a lot of reasons and diseases that cause those symptoms. However, if the chronic fatigue is just connected with sedentary lifestyle, obesity, a lot of hard work, staying up late or stress, then it can mean a heart failure. And if you change your life for the more relaxed, healthy and balanced but you still experience fatigue then you need to see your GP.

Headache and dizziness

Dull pain in the back of your head? You can usually experience just after you wake up and it will fade away when you get up. This alarming sign may be a symptom of arterial hypertension, heart failure or sclerosis and you cannot ignore them as they can even cause a heart attack or a stroke! Actually, the higher the arterial tension is the bigger the risk of cardiovascular ailments. Well, there are many reasons for a chronic headache and dizziness but it’s better to consult it both with your cardiologist and neurologist.

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Irregular heartbeat

Irregular heartbeat also called dysrhythmia is often experienced by healthy people who are under lots of stress, strong emotions, fatigue or who cannot live without drinks and coffee. So most of all you just need to unwind, relax, cut down on coffee and everything should be fine. But what if this won’t help? This can be also a very dangerous condition! The irregular heartbeat can be a symptom of such diseases as for example circulatory failure, sclerosis or hypertension. David Newby says ‘If your heart is going very fast and jumping around erratically then that’s when you should see your GP. If you feel like this and then you experience blackouts, call an ambulance.’

Swollen ankles

It’s really hard to believe that swollen ankles have something to do with cardiovascular diseases. But actually, they do. It may be an early sign of sclerosis, embolism or thrombosis. You may experience this condition when mostly during the day when you walk and sit a lot, and they fade away after some relaxation. It is connected with water retention in your organism. The Professor Newby explains ‘This shouldn’t be ignored, especially if the ankles get really big, as it can be a marker of heart failure, but it is also very common and has lots of other causes’. It’s always better to consult this symptom with your GP.

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Leg or arm pain

‘If you get a gripping, cramping sensation in your calves when you are walking, it might be worth seeing your doctor’ - Professor Newby advises. Why? It may be an early sign of peripheral arterial disease. And what about your arm? What does it have to do with your heart? According to the doctors, it can mean that you are likely to have a heart attack! The professor explains that when your arm, especially the left one, is painful and the ache is going down your arm than it may be related to your heart rather than something different. If the pain doesn't leave you then you’d better consult a doctor.

Heart attack - does it concern you?

A man, over fifty, obese, hard working. He is catching his chest and faints because of the terrible pain. You probably have this image in your head when it comes to thinking about heart attack. However, in reality, it’s different. A heart attack causes more d*aths among women than men! Such false conviction is still commonly encountered because several years ago women were rarely included in the researchers conducted on heart diseases so the statistics were not true. So now you know that heart disease is both common for men and women and if you notice some of the symptoms mentioned in this article, you’d better not hesitate to see your doctor.

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