Published 2018-03-22
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What, apart from looks, makes a woman attractive?

There are women who are beautiful, unattractive, beautiful and extraordinary with almost stunning beauty. And you cannot hide these differences ... Long legs, rounded hips, pronounced breasts, symmetrical body and face are factors strongly correlated with the beauty of a woman. Researchers from Australia and Hong Kong decided to check what makes a woman's body attractive?

The research focused on the problem of how different ways of measuring the body correspond with the assessment of female attractiveness? It was concluded that above the cultural differences, the picture of a young, tall woman is rising - this is the contemporary pattern of Venus. As the research author, Robert Brooks, from the University of New South Wales said, "Physical attractiveness is an important determining factor for evolutionary, social and economic success.

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Benedict Jones, a research professor at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, proves that the woman's voice is also important. British scientists in one of their research asked 30 male individuals to listen to the recordings of four women's voices aged at the age of 25, saying, "I really like you." Volunteers had to assess the attractiveness of women based only on the burden of their voice. No photos were shown to them until the experiment was completed. When the height of the sound of women's voices was slightly raised by accelerating their reproduction, the height of assessments of their attractiveness grew, confirming previous research suggesting that the pitch of the voice goes hand in hand with youth.

2. Intelligence

Research conducted by British researchers from the London School of Economics confirmed that attractive women and handsome men have higher IQ. Physical attractiveness is significantly related to the level of intelligence - says Satoshi Kanazawa, who conducts research. Attractive men in intelligence tests achieved results by 13.6 higher than average, women with the same attribute by 11.4. - attractive and intelligent men have a better chance of success and more often seek relationships with attractive partners - says Kanazawa - because both intelligence and attractiveness are largely hereditary, similar characteristics should also appear in their children. Over 52 thousand participants took part in the research. people from Great Britain and the USA.

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3. Being a good mother

As a wide world, every man seeking a woman of his life will say one thing: she must be a good mother for my children. Men can look for different traits in "one-night fishing", but if they are looking for a woman for a lifetime, she must meet their expectations and dreams of a full and good home. She should be a woman who can find herself in the role of a mother, a lover and a wife. Every woman should also be able to take care of the house and be able to light a "home" fireplace, create an atmosphere of a cozy and nice home.

4. Character

Men like beautiful women, but they fall in love with those who are interested. When a girl does not have much to offer, and her character is difficult in the long run - the man will not stay for long. Being yourself is the best you can decide on. Naturalness attracts men. What's more, working on a character is not a sign of weakness, just the opposite. Only strong people are able to fight their weaknesses, which is impressive, also for men.

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5. Respect

This is one of the features that mean a lot to men. When they are looking for a real partner permanently, they are looking for a woman who will respect others but also herself. Respect is shown by how we behave, we dress, as well as who we are dealing with and how much we can afford. It is not about being inaccessible to everyone, and out of respect to make an excuse. The point is to respect the opinions of others, and not to get too used.

6. Ambition and self-confidence

These are important features that attract men. Remember, however, that self-confidence is not meant to be repulsive, but palpable. It must be accompanied by kindness and openness to others so that it will become what will cause that men will not be able to get away from you. An ambitious woman is a treasure for a man. It is inspiring and motivating, and that means a lot, that's why the male group values this feature so much.

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7. Humility

This is a trait that is very hard to work out, that's why so many people value it, not just men. Is it possible to combine self-confidence, ambition, and humbleness? Yes, although it is very difficult. Humility is not submissive and does not make us agree on everything. However, if you are a person who cannot admit an error, or treats everyone in advance, you can not be surprised that no one stays with you for long. Humility is a strength of character, so it's worth working on it.

8. Emotionality

Men really like emotional women. Of course, it's good to be moderate in everything. However, it is a feature that they do not themselves have in large numbers, which is why men are captivated by the sensitivity, delicacy, and sensuality of women. Sensitivity is not a sign of weakness, but its excess makes it difficult to treat someone seriously. You have to reign over emotions, but you must not drown them out.

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