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Some facts revealed about three mummies that were found!

Here we have a strange story about mummies, there have been a lot of mummies found from more than hundred years. But recently in Argentina, a group of archaeologists found three bodies of mummies that will shock you. These mummies were found in 1999 in one of the caves situated on a 22,000 feet high volcano in Argentina. Finding mummies is very normal for them but there are couple issues with these mummies that are making the archaeologists scratch their heads for so long now.

1. What are mummies?

Mummies are mostly found in Egypt and other surrounding countries. Mummies are usually the dead bodies of either human beings or animals that are preserved naturally or chemically to protect their bodies. After a lot of research and studies, it has been proved that mummies belong to 1615 CE. According to these studies, most of the mummies are cats and there are more than one million mummies found in Egypt.

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2. Types of mummies

Mummies are normally isolated into two different types. They are called anthropogenic or spontaneous. Anthropogenic mummies were intentionally made by the living for any number of reasons. The most widely recognized reason was for religious purposes. This is contrary to popular belief that only pharaohs were mummified. Spontaneous mummies, for example, Ötzi (known as the Iceman) were made unexpectedly because of natural conditions. For example, amazingly dry warmth or freezing cold. Also, this could happen due to anaerobic conditions which can be found in swamps.

3. Volcano mummies

Three mummies that were found at the volcano were taken immediately to a laboratory for further tests and research. These bodies are now preserved in one of the most prestigious museums in Argentina. The mummies are still often taken for a few types of different and new research methods to labs to find out further details about them.
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4. Incan Mummies

Have you heard about the three Inca mummies included a 13-year-old known as the Llullaillaco Maiden", a kid "Llullaillaco Boy", and young lady "Lightning Girl" who had lighting marks on her bandages? The most youthful has been calculated to be either 4 or 5 years of age. The preserved remains were buried in a little load 1.5 meters underground, close to the summit of Volcán Llullaillaco in Argentina.

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5. Tribal rituals

Their remains were found in 1999 and were originally kept very safeguarded. Now they have been placed in plain site in exhibition halls from that point forward inside the museum. The youngsters were concluded to have been members in capacocha, a conciliatory ritual that happened in the festivity of key occasions in the life of the Inca ruler. These are mostly carried out by the tribal people to satisfy their gods.
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6. Why did these mummies join the afterlife?

For their most recent review, scientists broke down hair tests from the youngsters. These tests offer a remarkable insight into their last moments before joining the afterlife. It is conceived that this happened due to a bout of hypothermia. They were most likely ready for this as they were predisposed and aware of their looming destiny from conciliatory articles. They look extremely conspicuous as people, which adds to the power of their story. The body of a girl has fabulously firmly twisted hair, which adequately goes about as a timetable extending back just about two years before her passing.

7. Hair test results

Few of the scientists investigated and found that their hair varies from root to tip and also found out that the girl has changed her eating habits in the last two years before she was sacrificed. All these mummified bodies that belonged to kids were medicated with the extract from the coca plant that was probably consumed by mixing them in drinks. "Lady Lightning" ingested a noteworthy sum more than the others. The expansion proposes medications and spirits to help her consistency in a function that finished in her demise. What about the Iceman?
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8. Iceman!!!

The iceman is a different story than these three anthropogenic mummies. The Iceman ( Ötzi ) is a spontaneous mummy who was found in the Alps between Austria and Italy. He is Europe's oldest mummy dating back to 3,300 BCE. He was about 1.65 meters tall and weighed about 61 kilograms. He was covered in about 60 tattoos, the oldest mummy found to have been tattooed.

9. Burial procedures

After conducting a lot of researches and experiments the scientists have found out few interesting facts. These tribes had a ritual to sacrifice a mummy to make their god’s happy. According to their rituals, they had to bury these mummies with specific goods that they believed would help the mummies in the afterlife. They would also cast magic spells during the burial process. These kids were at least practicing these things from a year before they were sacrificed to the gods.
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