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Check if you can pass the FBI Special Agent Test

Would you like to be an FBI special agent? It’s a very ambitious and prestigious occupation and only one of the most difficult one to get into. You always have a chance to fulfill your dream but according to statistics, not even 5% of candidates are given this opportunity. In order to be an FBI special agent, you need to answer a couple of questions first to check if you are able to think in a creative and logical way. Continue reading if you would like to check your skills.

Who is the mother?

Ok, it’s time for the first puzzle. You can see a picture of two women who are sitting in a room and a little boy is playing beside them, on the floor. The women are sitting opposite to each other but in quite a similar way. You probably think that the picture seems too simple to hide some difficult puzzle. But the question is - who, in your opinion is the real mother of this little boy? You need to analyze the picture carefully to answer the question.

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Answer: The mother of the child is the woman who is sitting on the left! How can you know this? Look at the way she is sitting, especially her legs. They are arranged in a way so that she can be directed towards the boy. This is a position that indicates her will to protect her child. As you’ve probably noticed she is bending forward a little bit as if she wanted to watch the little boy. As to the child, he is sitting the way he can face his mother. Such position is natural for small children during such activities as playing.

Two pills

This one is really interesting, especially if you like reading detective stories. Look at the picture. Can you guess what’s going on? A man wearing only trousers on the left, an angry-looking guy on the right and two identical pills on the table with two glasses of water. The guy on the right turns out to be a cruel kidnapper who takes lives of innocent people. He makes them swallow one of the two pills that you can see on the table. Are they really identical? No, one of them is poisonous and the other one doesn’t harm in any way. What’s the point?

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Who is the mother?

It turns out that no matter which pill the victim decides to take, the kidnapper takes the other one. But the victim dies and the criminal manages to survive! So the question is - how is it possible that the kidnapper always takes the harmless pill? After all, they look identical!
Answer: None of the pills is poisonous. Can you see those two glasses on the table? The poison is in the glass of water that the victim needs to drink. Did you manage to solve this puzzle on your own?

Two pills


Oh no, the picture looks terrible! This seems to be a very unlucky meeting! Ok, let’s find out what is going on. Two women decide to go to the restaurant. Just a normal meeting, what can possibly go wrong? They are waiting for the dinner but in the meantime, they decide to order a few drinks. Of course with ice, because it’s quite hot. The first woman drinks as many as 4 of them very quickly and her friend drinks only one at a slow pace. But look what happens!

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After a moment, the second woman feels so bad that she dies. And the first woman is still alive! The question is - why is the first woman alive and the second one is dead? Well, to answer this question you have to read the text once again and carefully, pay attention to the details. You probably think about poison. Yes, you are close to the right answer. Well, it turns out the poison was in the ice! And as you’ve seen the first woman was drinking very quickly and the ice couldn’t melt. The second woman was drinking slowly and the poison had time to melt.



Look at the scene! The man is found dead and there are a weapon and a cassette recorder in his hands. The detective who appears on the scene presses the ‘Play’ button to see if there is any message. And there is! ‘I am tired of this life and decided to stop my pain and suffering’ - he can hear these words and then a shot! But… he doesn’t believe that the man took his own life. He believes that someone ‘helped’ him to do it! The question is - why the detective thinks this way?
Answer: How would the victim be able to rewind the cassette if he took his life?

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Cassette 1

Christmas mystery

This one is very tricky! As you can see there are Christmas holidays. And in the early morning, on December 25th, a detective, who is on duty during these holidays, rings the doorbell. A moment later, a sleepy owner opens the door. The detective says ‘Your neighbor says that yesterday, on Christmas Eve, he came to your place for a party and while he was here, you broke into his house and stole some valuable items.’
How does the owner react? He says ‘That’s not true. Our family celebrated Christmas Eve at our friend's place. We barely had time to decorate our Christmas tree’. The detective tells the owner not to worry because he is certain that the neighbor is just a liar. How does he know that?

Christmas mystery

Answer: Look carefully at the imagine and pay attention to the details. As you’ve probably noticed the lights on the Christmas tree are not plugged and one bulb is missing. And they can’t work without it! So taking into account such a detail, the detective was certain that the owner doesn’t lie. He must have decorated the Christmas tree in a hurry and had no time to check if everything was working. Did you manage to solve all the questions? Were they easy for you?

Christmas mystery 1

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