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How to know that people think you're attractive

They sit close to you

Do you often commute to work by train or bus? If people find you attractive, then the seat beside you is probably rarely free. Even if there is some more space in the opposite aisle, people will choose the one that is in your close distance. When they sit, you will be probably staring at you with curiosity and admiration. Maybe you just have a coat that you were going to buy or pleasant, fragrant, perfume but one thing is for sure, if they sit beside you and keep observing you then you must be very attractive!

They sit close to you

Strangers smile to you

It doesn’t often happen when strangers smile to people. You may be more likely to encounter grumpy people whose face seems to belong to some cruel criminal. However, if they find you attractive they wherever you go, people will suddenly brighten and become more friendly. Whether it's just a supermarket, hospital or the bus, people will be extremely courteous and kind and instead of ‘killer look’ they will welcome you politely with a generous, smile.

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Strangers smile to you
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3/31/18, 6:06 AM
In youth everyone is attractive n fascinating. No Formule is necy to decipher
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