Published 2018-03-29
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A student sold her virginity for $1.4 million to a Hollywood actor

A student called Jasmin has sold her virginity for $1.4 million to a Hollywood actor from Los Angeles! And it has been said that the guy is the one she is a huge fan of! Jasmine wanted to sell her virginity in order to start her own business and she has received enough attention to get someone to pay for the auction! Her profile on the website says that she is from the United Kingdom and she is able to travel worldwide. She is 26. 176 tall. 52 Kg with brown hair and eyes. Her breasts are also natural in case you were wondering!

She loves traveling, reading and watching movies. Her favorite type of food is Japanese and she loves Smoothies, Pineapple Juice. Her favorite perfume is Gucci, Versace and she loves rose. Now, my question is, if you are putting your virginity for auction, why do you think the person needs to have all these pieces of information from you!? Like he is going to make sure that there is pineapple juice when you are doing it?!

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It just does not make sense! The bids are described on the page like this,
"Final Bid: 1.2 Million Euro.
Buyer: Hollywood-Actor from Los Angeles. Second highest bid: Businessman from Munich 1.1 Million Euro. Third highest bid: Football Player from London 600.000 Euro. (Names of bidders are always treated as confidential)"
The ‘star’ has also written a statement regarding the auction on the page saying.

"Wow! This was an amazing experience! After I read Cinderella Escorts is world's most famous Escort Agency in some newspapers I applied. Not for being an escort but for selling my virginity. After I got public attention it took some months but finally, I sold my virginity! Last week I dated three guys for Dinner here in London. A football player from Manchester United, who really want super nice to me. Also, I've had a Date with a businessman from Munich."

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"He was a real Gentleman and we really liked each other. But to be honest he was finally too old for me. The Highlight was dating one of my favorite actors from Hollywood. Cinderella Escorts told me that he already bid for Giselle before but was outbid by another man. There for it was my pleasure to meet him. I would never have dreamed to get that high price for my auction. But as more, I am amazed who bought my auction. It is so amazing!"

"I love my decision to sell my virginity through and I think every girl would do the same in my position rather than giving it to a man she later on nevertheless break up with."
Just so you know, we edited her text! Not sure if she is, in fact, a student or not considering her dictation!
Anyway, the whole thing is for a good cause so we look at it this way as well!

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Cinderella Escorts Statement goes like this: "Cinderella Escorts have a Member Club of guys who have been verified, Millionaires and Billionaires. Celebrities and Businessmen. On the one side, we offer them to meet international Model and Actress or to join our celebrity parties. But on the other side, it allows us also to give girls the opportunity to date wealthy guys or even Stars like in Jasmin's case."

"It doesn't matter if we talk about our High-Class Escorts or about our virgins. To have se* for money is a serious decision and a girl has to feel comfortable doing it. So we try our best to connect rich Gentleman with our Escorts and Virgins and we are glad this was successful with Jasmin. In April the date will take place in a Hotel."
She is not the only case, there have been so many cases like this one for different causes.
Do you think you will ever go for this?!

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A student sold her virginity for $1.4 million to a Hollywood actor 1
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