Published 2018-03-29
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Your future (or current) husband determined by your month of birth


You are like a cat who walks its own paths and nothing can discipline it. You do not listen to anyone. Your opinion is the most important for you. Your husband will be extremely intelligent, penetrating and perceptive. Your parents will love him, just like friends and the rest of the family. He's someone ambitious, but sometimes you will feel that he knows everything, better than you.



You are positive about the world. There is nothing impossible for you, so at work you will be highly appreciated by your boss. You have a predisposition to earn a fortune. Your husband will take care of the details. In every aspect. And apart from moments when you will have to endure his pursuit of perfection and frustrations caused by failure, you will feel perfectly well. Everything will go smoothly. And he? He'll do anything for you.

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