Published 2018-03-29
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Your future (or current) husband determined by your month of birth


You are a born optimist. You always get what you want, except that you do not have to fight for it. With minimal effort, you achieve the maximum effect. It has always been like this. You will marry a guy who will love planning... also travels. He will love adventures, but he will not be crazy and hesitant. You'll have to keep up with him. This can be your one and only problem.



You have problems with making independent decisions. You prefer to shift responsibility to others. You are completely dependent on third parties: first from parents, then from siblings and finally from partners. Your man loves extremes. You will never be bored. You will spend romantic evenings at home and go out to spend a crazy night out in the city. Your problem will only be to suppress his energy. It is a good idea to take it on your own shoulders.

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The butterfly of each month reveals your future
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