Published 2018-03-30
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10 Sleeping positions as a couple that indicate the type of relationship they have

Sleeping is one of the greatest pleasures of life. There are even those who prefer to spend more time under the sheets than to eat, which is also considered a great privilege. Do not mention those cloudy and rainy weekends in which you feel like staying in bed all day or those winter mornings in which the temperature drops so much that all you want is to be warm, without removing a finger from the blankets.

If we add the extra ingredient of enjoying such delights next to our partner, it is the perfect situation. However, the positions we adopt when sleeping with the person we love say much more about the type of relationship we carry than what you believe. According to experts, the unconscious state of mind controls our body language, and the position we adopt shows us real characteristic signs of it.

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1. Sleep embraced

Hugs are a sign of security and mutual need. Therefore, when we sleep intertwined face to face, it means that we are an inseparable couple. Both feel incomplete when they are not together. In fact, it is very common that, as soon as one turns to another side, she returns to her original position to look for that protection that she only finds in his arms.

2. Face down

It is said that the stomach is the "box of emotions." This means that everything that generates some kind of positive or negative feeling, we feel in the belly. Therefore, if one or both of them usually sleep on their stomachs, it is very likely that they try to suppress or hide some feeling. It can be a concern or even a secret. It would be good to talk about it in the morning.

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3. Spooning

In this position, he provides the necessary security and tranquility so that you can sleep peacefully. In addition, due to the closeness and contact, even without physical activity, the eroticism that it contains is enormous. With this posture, he tells you that he will protect you from everything, but not only during the night, but he will do it all the time, regardless of the actions you need to take to make you feel more secure.

4. You embrace him

If very often you are the one who sleeps hugging him, it is because you are in search of parental protection. Maybe you have some kind of repressed lack, and you look for the solvent. However, it can also be synonymous with overprotection and even dominance over this person. You may feel that somehow your S.O can leave and with this posture you try to make it clear that you will not allow it so easily.

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5. Far away from the head of the bed

Those who sleep as close to the head of the bed are individuals who tend to be very authoritarian and possessive. However, if they sleep in the opposite way, in the fetal position, or as it is commonly said, "little ball" may be a sign of distrust and low self-esteem. If you are one of the people who adopt this position, we recommend you work on acquiring more confidence in yourself.

6. Your head on his chest

If she usually puts her head on his chest to be able to sleep, it means that she depends entirely on him and the decisions he makes in the relationship. However, at the same time, she shows him that she has full confidence that he will do it in the best way. If he also hugs her, he tries to tell her that there is nothing to worry about, that she will be safe by his side and that trusting him is the best she can do.

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7. With their legs crisscrossed

When they sleep with their legs entwined, it means that their relationship is very strong and they hardly see each other separately. However, even this type of union can end, and when that happens, the process of mourning is often more bitter than that of other break-ups precisely because of co-dependence. A little more independence would not hurt at all.

8. Both faces up

If the two of them tend to sleep looking towards the ceiling, it means that they have a totally autonomous relationship, that is, none of them depends on the decisions made by the other. However, that is not a negative thing, but quite the opposite. Their union is so solid that everyone is free to do what they please, always thinking about mutual benefits. People who adopt this position demonstrate great confidence in their partner.

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9. Holding hands or feet touching yours

In this sense, there is great freedom in the choices made individually. However, often one requires the approval of the other, or at least a second opinion. However, it is a position in which both show their partner that they can be free to decide what they believe best; they will always be there to back up or give good advice. This is one of the most recurrent ways of sleeping.

10. Back to back

You do not have to be an expert on the subject to deduce what body language is trying to say in this case. If they often adopt this position, it is very likely that the relationship does not go well at all. There may be some or many secrets that none dare reveal. Or, simply, there are so many conflicts between you during the day, that you simply take advantage of the night to give yourself a truce in which each one reclaims their space.

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