Published 2018-04-03
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5 Functions of a loop located in the back of sports shoes that people do not know about

1. To fit better

To begin with, something that everyone agrees on is that these ties are put in place to help you fit your shoes better. Sometimes it is hard to put the foot in because the footwear can shrink (if it has been previously washed) or because it is made of a material that makes this task difficult. For this reason, if you grasp the fold with your fingers, at the same time you pull it, it will be a little easier and you will not have to put your hand through the mouthpiece or get dirty with the sole if it is dirty. Here we are all in agreement, right?

1. To fit better

2. Laundries

It turns out that, on the other hand, in a large number of places in the United States, where large public laundries are very typical, owners also choose to sew their shoes by these loops of cloth, so that each pair is together and not mixed with the rest of the shoes of the other customers. Basically, it would be a method of quickly identifying which are your sports shoes. However, this only becomes important in this country, since in the rest of the territories this practice is not usually carried out.

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2. Laundries
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