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9 Restrictions that you can see only in North Korea

North Korea, however beautiful country it is, can be mostly associated with ridiculous restrictions and violation of people’s rights. You may not quite realize how North Koreans’ life looks like every day and wonder if it is really different to the one you have in your own country. You may be really shocked reading this article! It seems that not everyone knows customs, traditions and weird habits of North Korea’s inhabitants. They are not allowed to do many things that seem to be quite fundamental and standard for you. Let's find out more!

1. Jeans

If you like jeans and cannot imagine your life without this piece of clothing then Not Korea is not for you. Whether jeans are high-waisted, ripped or very elegant, you cannot wear them a few regions in North Korea. This restriction seems to be really ridiculous but if you take into account relations and politics of North Korea and USA, then it seems quite logical. Authorities of North Korea simply don’t want any American influence, even in fashion, in their country.

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2. Hairstyle

Do you like experimenting with your hair and you would like to move to North Korea? We have sad news for you. You can have problems if you do some inappropriate hairstyle. North Koreans are even banned from dying their hair! That’s why it can be easier to find some sophisticated kind of seafood than a hair dye. Also, Kim Jong-un prepared an official list of hairstyle that you are allowed to do. There are 18 hairstyles for women and 15 for men - you’d better pay attention to what you are planning to wear on your head.

3. TV

You are bored and you change TV channel while lying on your bed? Well, while being in North Korea, you can only get more bored or sleep right away. Why? You can only watch four TV channels! And most of this stuff is just political propaganda or something ‘neutral’ about museums, dancing, animals… Also, North Koreans don’t have Wi-Fi connection and they don’t make international calls… So actually, no wonder that very few people have smartphones in North Korea. They cannot surf the Internet as freely as people in other countries so maybe there’s no point in buying them.

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4. Music

It seems that North Koreans are deprived of many sources of entertainment. Music is just another example of such restriction. Western music is considered too dangerous to allow inhabitants of the country to listen to it. That’s why very few bands are allowed to perform there. This may not be a big consolation but inhabitants of North Korea are at least allowed to listen to local bands. Well, not everyone may be happy with such limited source of entertainment.

5. Travel

Do you like traveling? Well, if you do, it would be quite painful and frustrating to live in North Korea because those inhabitants are not allowed to travel to other countries! This is a clear violation of human right but North Koreans seem to not realize this fact. Some may consider it as a safe option as you are at least not tempted to buy expensive holidays and risk your life but for most of the people, it is just a kind of prison, a cage in which you have to live having no other option.

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6. Magazines

Do you know that some women from North Korea are probably unaware of glossy, popular magazines such as "Harper’s Bazaar" or "Vogue"? It is hard to believe that they can’t read magazines that give so many tips on beauty, fashion, and cosmetics. However, it’s true! They can only find counterparts of those magazines that are strictly supervised by authorities. Why does it happen? It’s because of politics and authorities’ propaganda that don’t allow any influence from the West to sneak into North Korea.

1. Jeans

7. Christmas decorations

If you cannot imagine celebrating Christmas without Christmas trees decorations then don’t go there in December. You won’t see any Christmas trees, balls and other colorful decorations and the houses will be deprived of flickering candles and other ornaments. Any religious influence is prohibited in North Korea. If you are a deeply religious person and want to express it then you may face some troubles. Authorities monitor tour every step.

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8. Sanitary pads and protection

Easy access to sanitary pads and tampons may seem quite obvious to you but not for women in South Korea. They have to be more resourceful and creative in case of having a period. Sometimes, old-school reusable pads seem to be the only option as they cannot find anything else in ships. What about protection? Well, if you often make love and you’re not prepared to have kids yet then you may have a problem as shops won’t provide you with that.

9. Designer shoes

Fashionable, designer high-heels? Nearly every woman loves them and has at least one pair at home for different occasions. Well, except for North Koreans. They are not lucky enough to become more attractive and seductive wearing modern high heels. Only some regions that border with China may fulfill your dreams of having such shoes and the rest of North Korea won’t help you with that. What a pity! They can wear neither jeans nor designer shoes!

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2. Hairstyle
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