Published 2018-04-03
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7 Feminine customs that men adore which are surprising to women...

The vast majority of women have pretended to be attracted to the sport that their boy liked, despite not being interested at all. In 2006, a survey conducted in Spain collected data that among 1600 school children, only 31% of boys were interested in sports, and of girls, none showed interest. Currently, things are changing. However, we all like to do things with our partners and, find better ways to be interested in what they also love.Next, we tell you the 7 things that they love to do with us.

1. Train together

If your guy is an athlete, he will surely love to take you to train with him. Probably it is very nice for you to accompany him and he will like to show you his routine and even adapt it for you. To unite his two passions, to accompany him and to carry out with him one of his greatest interests, will make you more complicit and be more in sync with each other. Also, in doing so, you show that you care about your health and physical condition and they love being with a girl who takes care of herself both inside and outside.

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2. Support your team

In general, football is often a very important part of men's lives. So far it has provoked more discussions than reconciliations. It is something mysterious that we do not understand. Only a small number of females are interested in this sport and you, in its fair measure, could also do so. It is not necessary that you become a referee, only that you learn to live it a little in your own way. If you interpret it as a social activity to share with your partner, you could significantly change your opinion about this game.

3. Use his pajamas

It is probably a technique as comfortable for us as sensual for them. Seeing his clothes on your body has no other definition than attraction. Usually, their shirts tend to be a little big, that's what makes it so comfortable. They cannot resist seeing us with them on. While for you sleeping with his clothes is the best because it smells like him. For your boy, seeing his pajamas on your skin will be something that completely drives him crazy.

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4. Share your video games

It does not matter if you are not a professional in the world of video games, the important thing is to participate, and now, more than ever. Having to choose between leisure and your partner is never in good taste for anyone. Getting involved in what he likes will give you some points in your favor. He will love to teach you how to play Fifa or Call of Duty and laugh together. At least try and prove that you care about their world. This will be an experience that he will appreciate. If you try and do not like it, at least you have tried.

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5. Bare feet

There very few people who prefer to have their slippers on at home. Almost all mothers have gone after us, calling our attention for walking around barefoot. This is a sign of rebelliousness and naturalness that most children love. When you don't wear slippers, with your feet showing skin, you will be challenging sensuality as much as comfort.

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6. Take care

Do not forget that pampering yourself is also considered taking care of him. It is common that at the beginning of the relationship you endeavor to look pretty and is concerned about your appearance. As time passes and the relationship consolidates, we begin to lose that shame. We no longer care so much that he sees us without make-up in the morning or without the hair straightened and combed, a ponytail is worth it. It is very good that this is so, however, we cannot neglect ourselves. Continue to dress yourself up, and this will also help to revive the flame between you two .

7. Rest in your arms

There is nothing like the bond that is created by resting together, your head on his chest and your hands entwined. You've always considered that it's because of you, that he's still a romantic. The truth is that they also love that you stay in their arms. They feel that they can protect you from the world by making the unique emotional bond. Love him while you are in his arms, away from the noise of the city, alone just as the two of you. It is an intimate moment that they adore as much as we do.

1. Train together

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2. Support your team
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