Published 2018-04-05
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Statistical facts that everyone finds shocking


Babies are born every single day; however, it seems that the most popular day for this happy event is Tuesday. The next most common day turns out to be Monday. When it comes to the moment of the day when babies are most often born, 8 in the morning or noon turns out to be the most common time. Also, according to the World Economic Forum, Danish women seem to have the highest percentage (about 80%) of working mothers. Other such countries include Slovenia, Sweden, and the Netherlands.


Birth rate

According to British daily newspaper, the Guardian, Germany has the lowest birth rate among all European countries. Also, one of the lowest in the whole world. They have 1.36 babies per woman in Europe which is not that impressive considering the rest of European countries. The most unlucky year was 2011, as according to their national statistics office, in that year, they had the lowest number of newborns in history. Germany even surpassed Japan, which previously had the lowest birth rate.

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Birth rate
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