Published 2018-04-05
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Statistical facts that everyone finds shocking


Everyone knows McDonald’s. Well, it is probably one of your favorite places to grab a snack or eat lunch during the day. McDonald ’s seems to be so popular that it launched a website whose aim is to show off its statistics! And this website checks how many of their products are being sold per second! That’s how you know that 75 burgers are sold worldwide every second and about 500 pounds of chips are sold every five seconds. As to Big Macs, 20 of them are purchased by clients every twenty seconds!



You probably use Facebook every day, and it is so popular that you should know some of the statistical facts concerning this social networking website. Do you know how many users Facebook adds every day? About 500,000! There are 6 new accounts generated every second. However, there are around 270 million profiles that are fake! 76% of all users who have active profiles on Facebook check what’s new there every single day. The average number of friends on Facebook is 155. Have you got more?

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