Published 2018-04-05
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7 Incredible things that ONLY a man in love does

2. Fight with you

Wait a minute. How do you "fight with you"? Yes, you read well and it is correct. Fighting is not always a sign that the relationship is going through a bad time. In fact, if a man really loves you and is truly involved in the relationship, he will take the time to fight, debate, and find relationships to what might happen. The occasional arguments are a clear symptom that he wants things to work like silk; You want to find that middle ground where you can both be happy.

2. Fight with you

3. Make sacrifices for your happiness

You could say that, at this point, if a man decides to sacrifice what he most appreciates or wants for your happiness, it is clear that he is deeply in love. For a man, to avoid having a good time with his friends or go to what he had organized in advance and really wanted something that he knows will make you happy, it is a gesture that denotes a great love for you, and that is willing to always put first, because there is nothing more important than you in his life.

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3. Make sacrifices for your happiness
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