Published 2016-08-16
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This python wouldn’t do this stupid thing if he knew that it would be the biggest mistake in his life

Python is a non-venomous snake that belongs to the family of Boas. They are big and strong, and they kill their prey by strangulation or constriction. The vast majority of pythons consume small mammals, but there are species that are capable to swallow piglets or goats, they rarely kill people. Pythons may have a length of 1-10 meters and a weight of even 140 kilograms.

Even though their normal length varies between 1-6 meters, there are some very long species, like the reticulated python that keeps the record of 10.32 meters. One python found in Sumatra, Indonesia, have had enormous proportions and now it is exposed in a village of Java, Indonesia. Some pythons present bright and vivid colours, while others are brown or olive green.
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Well then, today we will prove that you have to be extremely cautious about what you eat because you don’t want to experience the same thing this python did. Pythons are known to be able to swallow victims much bigger than their own heads. In some specific occasions, it can backfire.
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Due to their huge, elastic jaws they can swallow animals of the size of pigs, cats or even antelopes. There was only one isolated case of swallowing an adult person, but in general pythons don’t eat humans. However, for example rodents, which are only a fraction of its size and has an average weight of 13kg, could be a nice meal for the serpent.

The thing is that snakes during hunting are guided by their thermal sensors, not by their eyes. That’s why this snake of the Lake Eland Game Reserve in South Africa experienced something really awful.

After swallowing much more than it could, the snake was found dead a few years later. The truth is that it was a very shocking view when the workers of the reserve found this 4-meter python.

They didn't need much time to realize what killed the reptile. It turned out that his last meal was a porcupine, the third biggest rodent of the world, commonly mistaken with a hedgehog.

The swallowed porcupine was able to damage internal organs of the snake with its coat of spines. Porcupine’s spines are much larger and rigid than hedgehog’s ones, and that is why this animal is considered much more dangerous.

The reptile has soon became the victim of his victim which was a rodent of 28-83 cm in length and 1.5-27kg of weight. Its spines extend from the top of his head to the bottom part of his body. They are made of the same substance as human nails, keratin.

The autopsy revealed the details. The internal organs of the python were completely destroyed and the porcupine was left almost intact, however it was also dead. The python tried its best to survive but unfortunately failed.

The animals usually tend to have a stronger sense of survival than starvation, but this time it was a weird example. To be honest it's very sad that both animals died. The wildness has its own set of rules, where the strongest survives, whatever that means.
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