Published 2018-04-06
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The theory says that Harry Potter, not Voldemort, was the bad guy...

Harry Potter…

At first, Harry was a cute baby who was at home playing in his crib, when he arrived you know who and tried to eliminate him, (again as many politicians have done). Everything started at this moment... Thanks to the ancestral magic of Lily Potter, the son managed to survive and the spell of the Dark Lord bounced towards him, destroying his body completely. However, since he was an excellent student, he knew that he could separate his soul into 7 objects to be practically immortal. Who would be in the presidency of the ministry if it were not for the following centuries?

After 13 years, when Harry was already a selfish teenager who left his friend Cedric Diggory wandering around without help or support from him in the dark cemetery they arrived at. You know who, came back to resurface, but not before Harry made a huge drama with his "so-called pain" in the scar, which caused them to kill his partner Cedric. In this scene, Voldemort claims his followers who had not fought to bring him to life. However, Peter Pettigrew, who helped him back, raised his voice and said that he had helped him. The kind dark gentleman helped him to recover the hand he had lost and shown again that he is a great leader.

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The theory says that Harry Potter, not Voldemort, was the bad guy...
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