Published 2018-04-10
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9 Things that unfaithful partners do so that you wouldn't discover their affairs

Whether you've just started a relationship or you are already with your partner for a long time, you may start to wonder what your partner's intentions are. At some point in time, you may realize that although you are devoted and still want to show affection, your partner may actually search for happiness by some other girl's side. This way you start living in a world full of lies and disappointment. What if you knew that your partner betrays you? That could enable you to cope with the problem much faster. This article can help you then!

1. He changes in your bedroom

This is possibly the biggest detail that you could easily spot. We are all different in the most intimate moments, so we try to adapt to the new habit of kissing, caressing or loving our partners. Therefore, if there is a different person, you will begin to notice changes in the most intimate areas. If suddenly he starts to treat you differently, you should begin to suspect that there might be another woman in his mind.

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2. He starts to take more care of himself

It may be the change of appearance, new, different habits or even the use of a new perfume which shouldn't go unnoticed by you. But, some men, knowing that you could realize it, try to hide the clothes in different places. If suddenly you see that some accessories are bought and you also notice that he changes his hairstyle too often and goes on a healthy diet then you need to be more watchful.

3. He always goes out with his friends

It is important to respect independence in a relationship, but it does not always have to mean that partners have to go out separately. Especially if it becomes a routine. The excuse of friends could be in reality a lover who he might be visiting during these moments. Surely, in the end, the truth will come out. What can you do? Ask him if you can hang out with him and his 'friends'!

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4. He does't talk about his 'meetings'

When you go out partying with your friends it is always normal that you talk about it later. So, if you see that your boyfriend seems to keep all of them to himself and treats it like a mystery, it could be because he has something serious to hide! It may be because of something shameful, that concerns a third person or simply because he engaged in an affair! Do not hesitate to take note of each clue he gives, and then ask again and check if he tells you the same.

5. He gives you strange gifts

An unfaithful person is usually filled with remorse for hurting you. But, even if he doesn't have the courage to tell you the truth, he will give you gifts and make surprises for no apparent reason. Especially if your boyfriend wasn't this way before, it seems to be extremely suspicious. If he suddenly appears with a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or even a piece of jewelry, then don't hesitate to ask him about this weird change.

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6. He smells different

Men tend not to have such developed smell to detect different perfumes or other things. Thanks to this, it is quite possible for them to come back home with the smell of another woman's perfume and not even realize it. Some of them try to hide this smell and wash well and even wash their clothes quickly just when they get home, but, despite this, it is easy to detect the scent of expensive floral perfumes that obviously don't belong to either of you.

7. He has pet hair

This little thing seems to be a very tricky one, but it can be tremendously useful if the other person is not very careful. Pet hairs can be attached to socks and other clothing accessories. If you do not have any pets in your house, it could be an easy indicator to track. Check if the color matches that cat of the friends you had visited that night. Maybe they belong to some long-legged, brunette.

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8. Excuses

If your boyfriend has started a more or less frequent relationship with another woman, he will need excuses to be able to see them regularly. Therefore, you can be sure that different types of unexpected events will start to appear in your life: work meetings, surprise parties of friends or even a 'men nights'. Learn to say 'no' when you begin to notice that something is changing. Everyone is free to do what they want but respecting the rules of a relationship.

9. Final tips

If you suspect that he has betrayed you and you have different proofs, do not sit and do nothing about it. Try talking to your boyfriend to clarify what happened and assess whether your suspicions are really founded or not. But, always be sure that if something went wrong, regardless of the reason why it happened, give a second chance if he claims he regrets. It may be worth trying again from scratch if you still love each other.

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