Published 2018-04-10
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9 Signs indicating that your partner is too jealous

Being jealous and having a partner? That seems to be quite normal. You just love him and don’t want him to leave you and find another woman. Also, you don’t want other girls to surround and seduce your beloved partner. However, it is not normal when your behavior seems too possessive and confining his independence. That is not just common jealousy but rather a toxic relationship. Let’s find out when your feelings may become too ‘intense’.

1. Calling

It’s ok to send your partner a few text messages or call him during the day especially if you spend a lot of time separately. You may just say you miss him or ask him about your evening dinner or chores that you need to share. However, it’s never normal when you call every half an hour to ask him a couple of questions concerning his whereabouts, what he has done twenty minutes ago and when he will be back after work! Such behavior is so annoying!

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2. Visits at his work

Calling may not be sometimes enough for you. That’s why you pay him a visit at work. Not only once in a while, you do it regularly! You don’t care what his colleagues or the boss will say when they see you at his work, you just go there and surprise him claiming that you just wanted to give him a delicious packed lunch or you were in the neighborhood and wanted to see him. The true reason is that you are extremely jealous of him!

3. Activities done together

It’s ok that you have mutual passions and you often go swimming or cycling together. But the relationship cannot be successful if you engage in every activity that he takes up. When you see he goes out to play basketball with his friends, you go out with him, when he wants to watch a match in a pub, you also do the same even if you don’t like football. What’s the reason? You are just too jealous and you can’t stand the fact that he could meet another woman there.

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4. Checking his text messages

When he calls someone, you ask him immediately afterward with whom he was talking. This may be quite an innocent question but if you do this all the time it may appear to be really frustrating. Also, you don’t hesitate to check his mobile phone when he leaves the room to check if he has contact with any girls and if yes, what kind of text messages he is sending them. This is a kind of behavior that only jealous partner experience.

5. Controlling his expenses

People who are too jealous often go as far as controlling their partners' expenses. If you have access to his account then you won’t hesitate to check on what things he is spending money on and if there are any suspicious things that he purchased something like expensive jewelry, clothing or just nights at hotels! If you don’t have access to his account then you will probably check his wallet and what his receipts can show you. What a toxic behavior!

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6. Malicious remarks

Men also want to look good for their partners, but when you notice just the slightest change in his behavior and habits that can indicate he is not taking care of himself for you, then you get so angry! You keep asking him why he bought such expensive shirts and why he suddenly changed his perfume. You don’t believe when he says that it’s just for you and you are not able to appreciate his efforts. You suspect that another woman might have influenced his decision.

7. Restricting contacts with his friends

Unhealthy jealousy is often connected with limitations that you put on contacts with his friends. You just suspect that his old friend is, in reality, a beautiful, seductive woman with whom he is going straight to the hotel room instead of playing golf. You want him to come back home from work directly to your house and spend his free time only with you. Well, if you keep demanding such a thing for a long time then he will run away soon as none likes when their freedom is taken away.

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8. Not believing him

Whatever he says, you think he is a liar. Whatever way he tries to explain something to you, you don’t trust his justification anyway. You prefer checking if he’s honest with you. That’s why you often call his friends and ask if he was really with them last night or if they left the pub the moment that your partner claims it was. Your relationship must be full of accusations and blame. Don’t be so jealous unless you really want to lose him.

9. His ex-girlfriends

His ex-girlfriends are just the unsuccessful past for him but not for you. They are still your worst enemies and potential lovers in your head. Your unhealthy jealousy doesn’t allow you to forget that he is no longer interested in those women and now he loves only you. That's why you often ask him about them and if he keeps in touch with them. If you do this regularly he may get frustrated and really contact his ex-partners knowing that life was simpler and happier with them.

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