Published 2018-04-11
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6 Signals showing that someone is thinking of you

Have you ever been begun to think of a specific person just out of nowhere? Sometimes it can be someone close to you, but at other times, it could be an old friend with whom you have already lost contact or even an old lover you separated from years ago. From time to time, these feelings urge you to meet that person, to see how they are going and to make sure they are ok. And although this impulse and thoughts may seem subconscious (since they came from nowhere), there is a huge possibility that you have been engaged in an act of telepathy.

This is the ability to perceive energy and access the emotional states of other human beings, particularly those with whom we are or with whom we were once strongly connected. And although some people have acquired this ability and know how to control it, others have this gift of greater empathy and know how to capture other energies and auras without even realizing it. It's really amazing!

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The most remarkable thing is that it can allow you to concentrate on the energies of people, near and far. Therefore, when you have such spontaneous memories and urge to connect with someone, focus on it. Allow yourself to experience the connection, because there are many possibilities for that person to feel the same for you. Do not miss such unique indicators because they show that someone might be thinking of you.

1. A set of strong and unexpected emotions

If these feelings cannot be associated with any more obvious source, such as the recent loss of a relative, it is quite possible that someone, somewhere, is thinking about you. This experience is a proof that it really matters what kind of energy you generate in the world and how you direct it to individual people. If you suddenly have strong feelings of sadness, it is possible that there is someone wishing to be in your life and feeling disconsolate with the fact that you have distanced yourself.

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2. A sudden discomfort in your eyes

When you experience an itch, swelling or discomfort in one of your eyes or begin to feel small uncontrollable contractions, it is very likely that you are in someone's mind. When this occurs, you should make sure that there is no physical reason for such irritation, such as an eyelash that enters and is causing pain. For men, these unpleasant sensations in the right eye imply that someone is thinking or talking about them somewhere, while in the left eye it denotes that a person wishes you bad will or expresses their frustrations about you. For women, the associated meanings are opposite.

3. Find a white feather

The white feathers are one of the most emblematic signs of the psychic world; If you suddenly find it, it may suggest that someone you lost, like a deceased loved one, is thinking of you and sending you samples of affection. This serves as a connection between the real world and the hereafter. And although this does not allow you to pick up the phone and call someone who thinks of you, there are ways to encourage continued connection with whoever has left.

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Think about what was their favorite pastime or what was the most important thing to them and let that inspire you and drive you forward in your own life. By doing so, you will be honoring the life of the deceased person, and you may even find more white feathers as signs of gratitude. Such experience can seem surreal but who wouldn't like to somehow connect with a deceased beloved one?

4. Subconscious vision

When someone is thinking of you, they will have a great subconscious desire to keep you in their range of sight. Subconsciously, that someone will be interested in checking what you are doing or who you are talking to, etc. Even if the person does not look directly at you, they will want to have you in their range of sight unconsciously. Sometimes it would be great to read others' minds...

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5. Blushing

Maybe you don't take it seriously, but this sign turns out to be one of the most subtle when it comes to knowing if someone is thinking about you. When you begin to feel a kind of burning in the cheeks without necessarily being in an uncomfortable social situation or without having a fever, it is very likely that a person, somewhere, is talking bad about you or even insulting you. Therefore, "hot" cheeks are, in some way, as if they hit you in the face from a distance.

6. Persistent subconscious smile

Do you know the first thing you do when you see one of your friends whom you have not seen in a while? You smile at them, and that smile remains on your face without realizing it for 10 seconds or more. Your subconscious reveals the fact that you feel good about that person, and the same applies to someone who barely knows you, but who has been thinking about you. Isn't it surprising to you?

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