Published 2018-04-11
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9 Reasons why a man blocks a woman on WhatsApp...

Despite the fact that today's cell phones have become a real leisure center, they have not left aside the function of keeping us completely connected to society at all times. And among all the most popular applications WhatsApp is possibly the most famous. Therefore, if we notice that someone blocks us, we consider it a rude way of telling us that everything is over. Discover now the most common reasons for this hostile action.

1. Has a new girlfriend

If a boy tries to flirt with us, he may do so through loving, attentive and even daring messages. But if another woman comes forward and starts a relationship with him, he may try to eliminate all traces of competition. It is very common for you to ask, either subtly or directly, to eliminate and block the women you see in their conversation list. Especially if you ever suspect she was a possible candidate. Jealousy sometimes makes us lose good friendships.

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2. They wanted something more and it was never

When a man looks for a woman to maintain a relationship of more than a friendship, he begins to unfold all his weapons of seduction. But if after that he discovers that we only want him as a friend, in many cases they feel offended, hurt in their pride and, therefore, decide to cut off every possible relationship. Although in this case, it shows the little maturity, it is also an excuse that is given too often. On the other hand, we avoid having false friends.

3. It makes him look bad

If when we speak we want to be above them, using hurtful or derogatory comments, we gradually undermine their patients. Finally, the most common trigger is that they end up getting tired and blocking us. We may not do it with that intention, but in the long run, they are not interested in wasting their precious time arguing with us. In this case, of course, we may deserve that reaction. After all, they are also people. Although many cases deserve to block us, others take the consequences without even expecting.

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4. He is a coward

To end a relationship, friendship or courtship can be something very delicate and always requires great doses of tact and courage. Unfortunately, many people simply prefer to take the alternative of cutting it off, blocking anyone as long as they do not engage in a conversation that might not come off very well. Then when you discover the secret, you can take matters into your own hands or follow your own steps. It is undoubtedly one of the rudest outlets to end a personal relationship.

5. They are boring

When it comes to adding people to our WhatsApp we do not usually have too much filter. That is why we tend to find that, over time, people prove to be much more boring than we imagined, only counting problems in their personal lives or proposing topics of conversation that do not interest us at all. This usually ends up triggering responses in many disproportionate cases, such as blocking someone to not let them keep sending their messages. Sometimes it may seem selfish, sometimes it's just a matter of survival.

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6. Looking for something temporary

The society, full of throwaway products, fast foods, and friends with an expiration date, has also infected social networks and messaging systems. That is why it is quite common that there are men who only look for a relationship of one night, maybe several more, but that they finally reach their end unilaterally. At this moment, the fastest option is always to eliminate all roots of contact. We do not say that it is right, although it is effective.

7. It is too tiring

It may be a personal view, a matter of opinion or until we are completely beat. Anyway, when someone's level of tiredness reaches the level of having to eliminate us, normally the response is usually accompanied by a blockage to avoid having contact with that person again. In many cases, we think it is better to talk in excess than to think about what is really interesting. Coming up next, we have the second most repeated excuse.

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8. You said something that hurt him

It is very common for us to think that men are going to show themselves in a firm, hard way and that they are capable of fitting any blow. But the reality is that they tend to be much more susceptible than they seem, reaching the point where they can be bothered by a comment, by an action or even by a glance to the point of leaving the word forever. The problem is that they tend to be of a quieter nature, not trying to cope with the situation through the word but through a much more subtle action like blocking us. Of course, we may never know where the blow comes from.

9. You have too many plans for the future

The moment we think that a person is going to be the one that will mark our future, we begin to imagine our life with him. Although at the beginning we carry in silence, others are already beginning to name children from the first day they meet. They, generally, do not take it with that vision, wanting to cut with the healthy person who attempts against their own fun and youth in such an unattractive way.

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