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What does each one of these 10 physical ways of contact mean!?

Knowing what the other person is thinking is impossible, since reading the mind is not a gift that we have all ordinary beings, only in movies you could have it. So that's why body language has been studied for many years, by those scientists who found this type of behavior in people in different situations. Men usually do not express their feelings in the same way that girls do, so it is easier to interpret what they mean by any movement. In this article, we will tell you what each way of physical contact that that boy does to you means so that you can understand it a little more... 1. Kiss on the forehead: depending on the situation, but normally when this happens it means that this person has a lot of love and the best way to show you the love is with this gesture.

2. Hug

When a guy hugs you, it means that he feels completely comfortable and has a lot of confidence in you. He loves being close to you and is an invitation to be near you as much as possible. The hugs create a better contact and he will be expressing all the love he has for you. Every time you can return this gesture, do it as tight and loving as you can because your boyfriend will love it. Continue reading with us to know more about the topic...

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3. The shoulder

Men tend to be strong and do not express as much love as girls would like. However, when you do this kind of gesture, he will love it and you will know that this man really enjoys your company. This means that he has great peace of mind when you are by his side and that he wants to have your attention as much as possible. By doing this little detail, he is showing that he is not really interested in becoming stiff and heartless with you because he has so much confidence that he feels safe with you.

4. Take your hand

This is one of the gestures that will let you know that your boyfriend cares about you and is sure of you. He needs you near at any time and he loves that his hands are in contact with you all the time. If he intertwined his fingers with you, it means that he has a great commitment and if he does it in public, it is a great plus for you. The guys who do this are worth too much and will do their best to have you with them for a long time. Follow us to know more about this...

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5. Caress your hair

Your tenderness attracts him too much, he thinks you're beautiful and loves to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Usually, they will do it when you are both alone, but if they do it in public, do not doubt that they are completely sure that they love you and that they enjoy touching you as much as they can. For them, this type of gestures are very important, and they will probably give you a message on the hair or the neck, besides that it will be a moment of great intimacy for both.

6. Your hand on your neck

This reflects how much he needs to be with you and touch you as much as he can, he wants to support you and has a stable relationship. Everyone who makes this gesture is likely to be imagining many more things than you imagine and is waiting for a passionate kiss with that little caress. Some guys even give a little massage while they give you the best kiss of your life. Do not leave this good man, for there are very few in the world who continue to do this.

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7. Caress your face

This caress indicates that your partner is appreciating your gestures, remembering every part of it, and it means that they want to have your image in their mind. They can't have you out of their thoughts, you are like a song that is stuck in their mind and they sing it all day, they just cannot stop seeing you. This will usually happen in couples that have been together for a long time and shows the great appreciation they have for each other. This gesture is very normal when a man is in love.

8. Touch your lips

When he caresses your lips with his fingers he is indicating that he cannot stop thinking about them and that he wants to kiss them as much as he can. Besides this, he is thinking about privacy and wants to have you as close as he can. Do not doubt that this will be a very nice gesture, because it is showing great affection that he has and has no words that can describe it, therefore prefer to just touch you and let you know. Continue reading with us to know more about the topic...

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9. Touch your knee or thigh

Depending on the situation and the way he does it, but usually, with this gesture, he is asking for something more. He is not only thinking of having you closer but of having intimacy with you. If he does it in a public place under the table, he may want to go somewhere else at the same time, or he is showing that he is very attracted to you. Many times for the couples who have more time together could simply be an expression of love towards his girlfriend.

10. Unsuspecting kisses

If he is watching TV and come back to kiss you, or is using his cell phone and come to give you a kiss without warning, it is likely that he wanted to surprise and want your attention. They are fascinated that you show them what you are thinking, and they want to be part of that though, so at that moment they will want to surprise you and give you a caress without you noticing. This type of people is the best because they love spontaneous people.

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