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8 Easy and intelligent techniques to understand woman's personality

It is important to be able to judge the character of a woman. After all, you could be evaluating her as your potential partner. Chemistry and intimate attraction can easily make a man blind as to woman's personality and character since the adrenaline and dopamine you experience can make you overlook the major problems or "red flags" if you're not careful. Therefore, when judging a woman, this is what you should keep in mind.

1. What are her values?

Could you distinguish the set of values that guide her life? Does she have a purpose in life or live aimlessly? Often, those who have values also have a goal, something that gets them out of bed every day and what excites them to be full of life. The problem of dating a girl who does not want anything in life is that she does not allow herself to be guided by anything or anyone. Her direction of life could be volatile and unpredictable, without knowing well where she will go. You will see this as you have conversations about the nature of the world and the meaning of life.

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2. How does she treat others?

This includes your friends, family, colleagues, and strangers. If she treats others well and speaks well of people, you will know that she has maturity and humility. But if she is critical, condescending and negative toward others, then be careful. Particularly pay attention to how she talks about his ex-boyfriends because that's how she deals with relationships. If she has had many partners and blames them all, she shows immaturity and lack of self-reflection this way.

3. How close are her relationships?

When you have been dating a girl for a while, you will begin to meet her friends and family. If these relationships are, in general, positive and have some depth, then you are looking at a woman with good character, perhaps with a low number of good friends, instead of a lot of shallow people. On the other hand, a warning sign is having little depth in your personal relationships; if she gets along badly with her parents, she proves to be just a teenager instead of a mature adult. She may have many followers on social media but she may even not know most of them well...

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4. Does she take responsibility in her life?

A worthwhile woman takes responsibility for her life. Basically, she accepts that she can make big mistakes or minor errors and is willing to pay the price for them. However, a woman of questionable character will avoid drawing conclusions and won't realize consequences of her actions. She will always find someone to blame and think that others owe her something. She will get bored easily and will not stick to anything. She will always be looking for something new.

5. Is she resilient?

Life can be complicated, and we all have to deal with major setbacks on certain occasions. Consider the way the girl handles those challenges, stress and negative emotions. A good sign is when she takes everything calmly, without panicking and without letting the situation overtake her. On the other hand, a warning signal is when she only feels that life depresses her and that everything is too much for her. Unless you want to come to rescue her every time her life gets difficult, you should look for a woman who knows how to manage her life even in difficult circumstances.

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6. How crazy is she?

A normal girl will be wise and reliable, but may also turn out to be too boring. On the other hand, a crazy girl will be wild and funny, but in comparison, she will be unstable and unreliable. A "crazy" female can attract you from the beginning with her charisma, enthusiasm and good intimate relationships. However, it may not be the best option for those looking for a long-term relationship. Although you love living in the present, it can be terrible when it comes to planning a future.

7. Is she humble?

A woman who is really worthwhile is aware of her own strength and does not feel the need to parade in front of people. Basically, she will be happy and content to be a little shy and reserved; not because she lacks confidence, but because she does not feel the need to brag before others to seek validation or gratitude. Do you want a girl who shows off and wants to be in the spotlight all the time or someone more humble?

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8. Is she curious about the world

The girl may not share exactly the same interests or points of view as you, but a woman of good character will show some intellectual interest in the world. What does it mean? She may be attracted to history, politics, economics, current affairs, philosophy or something similar. It's great when she has her head turned on constantly and is aware of the world around her. If the only thing she is interested in is the reality shows and the latest gossips about celebrities, then it's more than likely that she can NOT satisfy your long-term intellectual interests.

You shouldn't be afraid at all when judging the character of a woman. After all, remember that you are deciding if you want to have a relationship with her, both a serious one or friendship. You need to consider all her values, how she treats others and, in particular, if she knows how to take the responsibilities that life brings. It is quite likely that you do not get a perfect score in all the categories, but you can use the guidelines we have given you to receive a holistic view of whether that girl is or isn't suitable for you.

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