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19 Brilliant fashion tips for clothes and shoes...

Style and fashion are very important in people's lives, and usually, girls are responsible for taking care of every detail of their appearance. Therefore, all your clothes must look perfect, and sometimes you do not have the capability to fix everything that is broken or worn out. However, there are different tricks that can help you to make everything you wear look new, even if you have years with them. In this article, we will tell you about some very simple ways that will change your life. We hope these tips serve you.

1. More space in your closet.
Many individuals usually buy clothes wholesale without even using them, as a result, the closet is full all the time.

2. White cloth shoes

Normally the white cloth shoes will give you a lot of headaches, because they always end up dirty, even though you take care of them as your children. A great trick to keep them with that beautiful shiny color with which you originally purchased them, is using a candle. What you should do is melt the wax of the candle so that it covers all the fabric part, remember that it is not good to use much, since it is likely to be noticed. With using a hair dryer you can dry it and in this way, they will not be stained with dirt or any liquid like soda, juice or tea...

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3. Wrinkles

Sometimes you have problems with wrinkled shirts and, in the morning, it takes a lot of time. The trick that we will show you will save you a lot, and it is very simple. You must hang the shirt and sprinkle some water on it; Afterwards, use a hairdryer in the hot air option. Then you have to hang it and put the dryer on the shirt and the wrinkles will disappear instantly, it will look ready to be used and as if you had ironed it.

4. Cool shoes

The shoes usually have a peculiar smell that nobody likes, and we must take care of this because it is very sad to be the group's fragrant. So, an easy way to make your shoes smell good is to put tea bags inside. In this way, you will have a fresh scent that will last for a long time. You could leave it all night, and so it will stay impregnated. You should be careful, if your shoes are wet, it could become sticky, and it is not pleasant at all, so when they are completely dry, it will be the best. Follow us to know more about this...

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5. Sweater and a razor

A wool sweater looks beautiful when you buy it, but over time it begins to fill with fluff that makes you look like an old man. In addition to that, they can be annoying and a little dangerous for the health. Therefore, it is good to get rid of them, and a good trick is to use a razor to remove the excess of this annoying extra material. You must be careful, and it is better to use a new one because if you use an older one you could do a lot of damage to the components of your garment.

6. Zipper or closure

Many garments have a zipper to close them, but, over time, and depending on the type of material, it could become hard and difficult to handle. Therefore, an easy way to make climbing easier and without much effort is with a pencil. The graphite will help it slip and there will be better friction between the two serrated rows of the zipper. It is important that you consider the color of your garment because if it is white, you should be more careful when handling them next to the black/gray pencil pigment. Continue on our page to learn more about the topic...

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7. Bra

The bras are like the best friends of the girls, always accompany them everywhere, but, over time some may try to hurt you... Yes, it is dangerous that the rod is released, because it could make a wound in your chest, that after, it could cause you aches and pains. That is why it is essential to take care of your underwear and, when you have this situation, you will have two very important options: One is to use a band that will help keep the metallic material for a while. Another is to sew it so that it stops going out of its place, which will give you more time to buy a new one.

8. Black dress

This trick will work at night mostly and only with a dress or black garment. Sometimes we realize that the material is stained in another color and clearly if we are in a hurry we will take more time choosing another outfit. If you have a marker of the same color, you will be able to cover the different tonality that everyone will notice, and you will be ready to go to that party that you had scheduled without any problem. Follow us to know more about this...

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9. Masks or scarves

Many people are addicted to buying scarves and therefore have thousands of them, so they will usually leave them in a closet place. However, sometimes due to lack of time we leave them anywhere, and later you will have an uproar inside your wardrobe. In this case, there are different options, the first will be to put them in a special drawer. The second is to use the small clips that you would use in the curtains to place them on a hook next to the other garments.

10. Bright shoes

Many girls would like to wear their favorite shoes for their whole lives, but this is totally impossible because with use and time they wear out completely. However, when you can still rescue it, you have enough cheap options that will serve you very much. If you have shiny shoes and are already worn, you can use glue for varnishing along with bright powder of the same tone of your footwear. In this way, you will be able to cover the areas that do not look so new.

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11. Shoes with white soles

As we know, many shoes have a white sole that could become stained over time, be it yellow, black or green, and it looks terrible. So the best option to eliminate those grotesque tones will be with a toothbrush that you no longer use with something from the same toothpaste that you use. In the end, you should clean it with water, and you will see the change quickly. They will look like new, and you do not have to invest any money in this, because they are items that you already had at home.

12. Jeans

Sadly it is very easy to climb a few extra kilos from time to time, and without a doubt, this is very annoying and it shows on the clothes quickly. A great trick when you are inflamed by your rule or stomach pains is that you use a hair band or elastic band to close your garment. However, if you have gained weight, it is advisable to start exercising or buying new clothes, either of which will make you feel better. Follow us to know more about this...

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13. Sweaty clothes

On hot days it is inevitable to sweat, it is important to take care not to look like one because nobody likes people with wet armpits. This trick will enchant you, and it will make you feel surer of yourself because it is very useful. What you should do is put a small feminine towel in the fold of the shirt where your armpits are and this will absorb any trace of sweat. It is imperative that you buy the smallest size so that you are not uncomfortable.

14. Rigid shoes

Many times, when new shoes are bought, they will be very rigid and something needs to be changed or used to make them more comfortable. What you should do is use thick socks and run a hair dryer through the area that feels harder. In this way, you will achieve that your footwear has a different sensation and you will not suffer the first few times of use that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Continue on our page to learn more about the topic...

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15. Long boots

Most girls currently love wearing tube pants, but there are still others that use normally. So, when putting on long boots, it is better to wear a more fitted garment, but if you do not have one, you can solve it with a little trick. With some long socks, you can fold the material and put it inside these, later you will be able to use your shoes as much as you like. Make a fold to make the fabric more compact and then insert it into the boots.

16. Bra and blouses

In summer season it is important to take into account some details, for example, the straps of the bra, which many do not care, but others do not like to be seen outside your blouse. Therefore, for this type of garments, as in the image, you can use a clip that will hide them, and it will make you look very good. It's a quick and easy trick, that will help you look better and feel more comfortable; therefore, try to do it every time you wear this style of shirts. Follow us to know more about this...

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17. Wool sweater

Wool or handmade sweaters can sometimes be damaged and loose strands of yarn that look bad and damage the garment. A very good trick is a pin that will later help you to put that extra thread that is out of place. This is as if you were sewing it again, so you only need to put the pin above the filament and later you can put it inside. Thus, you can use your favorite garment and it will look as good as when you bought it in the store.

18. Silicone sachets

Do you remember those silicone bags that come with any new garment? Those that nobody really has any idea why they are there, well you should always keep them. These small bags will help you keep your clothes dry, for example, when you go to the beach, you want to store your wet clothes in a bag again, this will take away the intense bad smell.

19. Long pants
If the pants that you bought are too long and you want to fix them, it is very easy to do it by yourself. You have two very simple options, the first is normal, where you have to sew, either by hand or machine, but many people do not know how to do it. So the second will be cutting to the length you want, and then with a glue for clothes. You must fold as if it were a hem, and then iron, once you have the shape you want, you can add the sticker inside, and re-iron.

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