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Signs that prove you may have anxiety disorder

Tension has become a very common thing these days mostly due to our busy lifestyle. Let it be a job or education or any other field, all of them demand extra efforts and almost all of our time, which in return gives us success. But most of this has affected the way we live and has created a lot of health related issues. Tension is quite common but few people are badly affected by it. It is commonly known as anxiety disorder and most of the people probably don't even realize that they deal with such a serious illness.

Excessive worry

The common sign of anxiety disorder is getting worried too often. The most popular type of tension is agonizing a lot over regular things like the most important things but also about the things that don't mean much. It's pretty normal to worry about things in life, but when you feel it’s becoming too much for you to handle and it affects your life in a bad way, then it is a symptom of anxiety disorder and you should ask somebody for help.
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Irrational fears

Despite the fact that fears companions us at every step, it sometimes happens that they are getting out of control. It is quite natural that we are afraid of different things, but you have to know the limits of your fears. When you cross the certain threshold, and fear accompanies you everywhere, it's time to consider whether it is not a symptom of a serious disorder.

Muscle tension

Muscle tension is the most common symptom if you have an anxiety disorder, and with time it becomes quite normal for people who are constantly under pressure or tension. Most of them do not take it seriously and that can be a huge mistake. Usually, this happens when we do not know what to do with the excessive pressure and we tend to shift it on to our muscles, without even realizing it. Remember, you should never ignore such symptoms.
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It's a common knowledge that our mind and stomach are directly connected to each other. This is the main reason why we should eat healthy to be able to think properly. Some of the people may be even surprised about it but indigestion is also one of the symptoms of anxiety disorder. So it’s always important that we maintain a proper diet to reduce the chances of anxiety affecting our stomach.

Trying to be perfect at everything

Obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD) is also one of the symptoms proving that a person is having issues with anxiety disorder. Usually, people who have OCD always find problems with everything that is imperfect. They tend to correct everything that they feel are not in a right order. Striving for perfection is natural but when you try that at everything it may become a serious problem.
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Sleeping problems

Insomnia is one of the most commonly found issues these days. It might be due to the sudden change in somebody's lifestyle or simply because of the food somebody consumes. But it can also happen due to the pressure that the person is going through. It is understood that due to the lack of sleep people often tend to feel very anxious and tensed. Lack of sufficient rest can make a lot of difficulties in coping with everyday problems.

When everything becomes very difficult

Everybody has their own weaknesses. There is no person who can deal with everything very easily, but when ordinary activities begin to overwhelm you then you should consider asking for help. When you feel it is difficult to complete simple tasks in life, then you might have to think more about your health. Such problems usually happen when somebody is too stressed or due to anxiety disorder.
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Self doubt

Sometimes you will feel that you are not the best at few things. You can then try to do something about it, or somehow improve. But it becomes an issue when you start to doubt your own abilities and decisions too many times. Doubting in yourself every time is also a symptom of anxiety disorder and also OCD. It always happens when you do not find answers that totally satisfy you. So sometimes it is better to leave few things to its fate.
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