Published 2018-04-13
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Superstitions around the world!

I have never been a really superstitious person, so I thought I will check it and as an experiment, I will do exactly the opposite of what superstitions demand. A very popular superstition I chose was not to look at my reflection in a broken mirror (because it brings bad luck). So when my mirror fell down I stared at my reflection for about fifteen minutes to be exact.

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I stopped because I started looking creepy after that time. But even though my day turned out to be very normal. Then, at night I fell down from the stairs and broke my nose. I'm still not sure if this little accident has anything to do with breaking some illogical rules created by our ancestors or not, but it turns out that I will not look at a broken mirror ever again.

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Superstitions can be irrational and strange when we think about them, but even the hardest of us do not hesitate to act according to them. Many of us are afraid to expose ourselves to the fate and prefer to avoid it just in case. In today's article, we show you the strangest superstitions from around the world that will make you think the world is crazy, but it's best not to get in their way.

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Tuesday 13th instead of Friday 13th is considered in Spain as bad luck. There, the day's name -Tuesday (Martes) derives from the word "Marte", which was called the "little demon" in the Middle Ages.

In this country, the number 4 is considered as very bad luck, because it sounds very similar to the word "death". That is why in many buildings they refuse to have even the fourth floor.

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3. Egypt
Owls are considered to be creatures of bad luck there, as they are messengers of bad news for the person who sees or hears them.

4. Russia
People think that carrying an empty bucket or seeing a person wearing it is very bad. The superstition could have its origin in the murder of Tsar Alexander II, who was killed by a man with an empty bucket.

Superstitions around the world! 4

5. Ruanda
The people of Rwanda believe that if women eat goat's meat, the hair will grow on their faces.

6. Senegal
People think that if you are planning a vacation somewhere, do not say about it out loud. In case someone hears about your plans, they will be ruined.

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7. Finland
There is the belief that if a person kills a spider, it will rain a lot on the next day.

8. Malaysia
People think that if you ever sit on a pillow, your butt will be covered with boils, sores, and blisters.

9. Spain
It is considered that bad luck comes to you when you enter a room with the left foot.

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10. France
There is considered that you will have good luck if you step on a dog's poop with your left foot, but bad luck if you do it with the right.

11. Turkey
It is believed that chewing gum late at night, is like you are chewing rotten meat.

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12. Brazil
If a bag lies on the floor, you'll definitely be poor. Your money will escape.

13. Denmark
The people of Denmark collect the broken dishes to throw them in the house of their friends and relatives in New Year. It is thought that the more porcelain in the house, the greater the luck.

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14.North America
People think you if you step on a crack on the street, your mother will have back problems.

People believe there that if you walk backward, you are telling your way to the devil.

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16. Egypt
People think that if you are opening and closing a pair of scissors without having to cut anything, you are actually cutting off the evil spirits that prowl in the air, and they are going to get angry.

17. Bulgaria
It is considered to have a lot of good luck if the birds poop on you.

Superstitions around the world! 10

18. Holand
People believe that singing at the dining room table ultimately means that they are actually inviting the devil to a dinner. Also lending salt to a neighbor is considered as inviting misfortune.

19. India
It is believed that you will have a bad luck if you wash your hair or cut your nails on Thursday or Saturday. Even worse is trimming your nails on Tuesday, Saturday, or at night.

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