Published 2018-04-13
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How to make a man show interest in you (without looking desperate)...

You do not have to chase him! When we fall in love with a man and want to maintain a loving relationship with him, it is normal to worry that if we do not show enough interest, he may get the wrong message and start to walk away. Also, we want to make sure that the boy knows how much we like him, and especially to know what to do so that he is interested in having a relationship with us in the long term in the best possible way. Therefore, it is not strange that we do things with which we believe we show affection.

For example: approaching him to share something interesting that you just read or tell him how much you enjoyed watching a group play somewhere; try to organize the weekend plans in advance if you have not heard from them in the past few days; initiate some type of contact by means of a phone call, sending a text message, Facebook, a postcard or even going through your house without even telling you; asking how he feels about you or the relationship; inviting him to go with you to some specific activity or acting as the "social director" of the relationship in some way ... Do not worry, we've all done similar things! But you should know that it is not quite right...

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At first glance, all of these actions mentioned above do not seem to involve anything offensive in a loving bond. In fact, even your boy might feel that what you do is quite friendly, taking it as a kind of compliment and getting closer to you. However, you should know that carrying out any of these things, make it seem that you are the one who is chasing him all the time, that does not have to be necessarily bad, it could be scaring your partner in a certain way. Your overly attentive behaviors could trigger your internal alarms…

In the best case scenario, when a man feels a little persecuted, he will feel that he does not have to try at all to conquer you, and as a consequence, he will stop doing it. At the other extreme, you will begin to feel something more than a simple "pursuit", which can become quite annoying. If you do not stop proposing all kinds of plans and talk to him every minute, even if it is "friendly" (which is really about getting the peace of mind you need), you will begin to feel that "persecutory feeling". And then he will do what any of us would do when he feels overwhelmed, choked or pressured: he will move away little by little.

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Whether we realize it or not, the urge to do all these friendly things comes from one place: our fear of losing a man by not letting him know that we are interested in him in a loving way. However, we could not be more wrong to give in to this fear, because we run the risk of scaring a boy who could be worth it forever. This type of behavior is like an alarm that is activated in a male; not only do you send them the message that you are quite insecure, but you send them to an overly aggressive environment that makes them feel uncomfortable or trapped.

To say the least, all this diminishes your attractiveness in the eyes of a possible suitor, and you ensure that they do not feel inspired to get to know you more deeply. After all, you are interfering with your opportunity to learn how he feels about your "real" version. Sooner or later, he will lose interest and then start looking for the occasion to escape little by little. So, what is the secret to making a man fall in love and want to have a relationship with you? Catch it, do not chase it. If you keep reading you will understand the key steps you must follow to get it...

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We know how frustrating it is to sit down and let a man take the initiative. We want you to know that we are interested in him; we want it for him to invite us out again easily; We want to look enthusiastic and calm. But the only way to really make sure that a man feels inspired to do everything possible to get close to you is by making him feel happy and comfortable around you. To do this, give him the respite and the opportunities he needs to begin to please you. As long as you look happy and show how much you enjoy his company, a man will always come back for more.

Best of all, when he sees that you are a woman who feels confident and does not need to chase after him, he will intensify his game to make sure there is no other man in his place! So remember, let him take the initiative while you continue being receptive to him. This will powerfully strengthen his passion for you; will adore you and will appreciate you for it. And even better, you can relax knowing that you have become that rare, irresistible and highly desirable creature that he has been looking for, and that he would be a fool to take you for granted.

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