Published 2016-12-28
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Things you do that make people dislike you

Human beings are known to be social animals, everybody would want their colleagues or partners or anybody associated to them to like him or her. Doing things that will make people like you might be very difficult but making them dislike you is very easy. Though nobody would like to be hated by their fellow human beings there are still things that we might do that will spoil our image in front of others. Here we have a few tips for you to change things that might be interpreted in a wrong way by others.

Sharing too many photos on social media

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and the other platforms have been created to share things about yourselves or your likes and dislikes with your loved ones, friends, or simply strange people. But that doesn’t mean it's a good idea to start posting and sharing every photo that you like. Of course, it's your profile so you can do with it whatever you like but always remember that too much of anything is never good for you (and others too!).
What else you can possibly do wrong?
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Having too many or not enough friends

Making new friends and getting to know each other is the basic principle to use social media platforms, but everything should be done with a limit. Sometimes having fewer friends is not good but having too many friends is even worse. What really matters is to have friends that you really know and can rely on. Having a lot of friends on the FB list doesn't mean a thing. Usually, there are strange people you have never met in your life. According to a survey, it is fine having nearly thousand friends or not less than three hundred. But anything more or less is not considered as good by the responders.

Telling your secrets in the initial stages of your relationship

Any relationship is strong when there's everything clear between friends or partners and keeping things in secret for a long time may cause some difficult situations. But disclosing all your secrets in the initial stages might not be good at all. Take some time, get to know each other and then when you feel confident enough about such relation, share more information about you. Doing it this way, you will not be seen as too desperate or secretive.
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Asking people questions like you are investigating them

This is really important because a lot of people are shy and do not talk much at the beginning of the relationship. There are also people who don't ask many questions about the other person. Always ensure that when you just met somebody you start talking about yourself first, without asking too many questions. The other person for sure would like to know something about you, just like you are curious about their life. While talking, don't forget to give another person a chance to speak about themselves.

Posting a close-up profile picture

People who take pictures of themselves usually think they look very good and that gives them the self-confidence to do so. Unfortunately, this is not always the truth and there are some rules to follow in terms of taking the right pictures of yourself. By saying right pictures we mean pictures that will also be liked by others, not only us.
As these days we are addicted to selfies, we should be even more careful with the way we take them. First rule! Never capture a close up of your face. Try to take it from a perspective so not every single pimple will be visible on your face.
We have some more important rules for you to follow.

Hiding your emotions

A lot of us may not like to share feelings or emotions to others, it’s either that you are not comfortable enough or that you just simply don't like it. But when it comes to people that you are close with or are in a relationship, it is always good when you work on it and try to open up from time to time. There are at least two benefits of doing so; one is that you will feel better if such emotions are out and the second is that the other person will trust and like or love you even more.

Acting too nice

Yes, you read it correctly! Being nice to people is usually good but as we have already told you earlier, anything in excess is never a good option. Being nice to others shows our humanity, but acting a very nice person and making it more like a role of your life just to impress others may even put you into trouble. Because once people get to know the real you, they will be very disappointed and angry they won't want to have anything to do with you.

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Getting too nervous

Some of the people have this problem, and it usually happens when they are either too shy or their self-confidence is too low. Usually, it's good to portray yourself as a strong person in front of the world. But sometimes it's just too difficult because you get nervous and start for example excessively sweat. In such situations, calm yourself down and think about something that isn't too stressful for you. It will take your minds away from that difficult situation you find yourself in.
In the eyes of others, if somebody gets nervous too easily, it means that he or she isn't capable of doing many things. That's sad but unfortunately very true.
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