Published 2018-04-13
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8 Most common omens of animals and their meaning in our lives...

As you may know, some animals have been associated with omens or prophecies since ancient times, and their presence denotes a message in almost all ancestral traditions. In addition, the connection between certain animals and the omens they symbolize, also have common roots in many current cultures. While some people might see it as superstitious, its prevalence in a large number of areas means that there definitely could be more than what science can explain. Without further ado, do not miss the omens that show some animals, according to different cultures...

1. Spider

The Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, has been linked to spiders on many occasions, and it is believed that these creatures augur good news. In addition, they think that their web symbolizes an interconnection between each of us, so their presence was previously revered. Spiders, although often associated with the Goddess of Wisdom, also demonstrate a close human connection that indicates friendship. Therefore, arachnids could mean that a new friend could enter your life, or that an old friend will contact you in some way. Continue with us to learn more!

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2. Owl

Owls have a unique position in terms of the message they provide. They are usually known as real messengers and, therefore, the news they bring is usually huge. However, they symbolize the extremes, which means that they either bring great success or else death. Owls that shout and fight for their home, for example, denote an incoming success, and it is believed that the fight shows rivalry in the delivery of good news. On the other hand, a silent but vigilant owl can mean something truly horrible that comes close to your life.

3. Cat

The importance of cats in the world of omens is unprecedented, and almost every culture in the world has attributed a meaning to their presence. In fact, it is said that cats personify intuition in itself, which means that they have a strong connection with your instincts. While some traditions see a cat crossing its path as a bad sign, others give it a completely different meaning. Cats have always been considered smart and intelligent creatures and, therefore, their abrupt presence denotes a call to follow your heart and instincts.

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4. Deer

The Goddess of the Moon, Artemis, is associated with these wild and majestic creatures of nature. Artemis, being a solitary goddess, represented a spirit of individuality and the courage to live alone among the forests, with the only company of animals. The appearance of a deer in your life, therefore, means that you may be facing numerous problems and that you have to overcome them without the help of anyone. You will have to keep fighting with the dignity of a free animal, and with time, help will come. Being a messenger of strength and hope, a deer is a bright omen to find.

5. Raven

Although ravens have always been misinterpreted as precursors of death and perdition, ancient cultures associate them with absolute truth. Actually, it is the sacred bird of Thoth, the Great Egyptian God of Wisdom and Magic. The misinterpretation is justified since the truth can be really hard for some people, while it is beautiful for others. The sighting of crows, therefore, is indicative that soon you will be able to discover some truth or other of which you were not aware. They reveal a sense of wisdom that comes from knowing the greatest truth in all its glory or wrath.

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6. Lizard

Lizards have long been associated with the world of dreams. In this way, they are believed to be symbols representing messages sent from dreams. If a lizard crosses your sight during the night, it means that you must pay attention to what you dream after; They could be telling you something. The alchemists are also deeply related to the lizards, thinking that these animals are extremely lucky in hard work. They are meant to represent that their path is true and correct and that they need to move forward.

7. Snake

Also the snakes, as in the case of the crows, have been defamed and misinterpreted. In fact, they are usually considered as the precursors of death, destiny or destruction, although the truth is far from that. Matthew 10.16 says: "Be as wise as serpents." These reptiles are, therefore, symbols of wisdom, knowledge and mother nature. They are closer to the heart of reality than any other animal, and their presence is indicative of calm and truth. It means the need to master our own weaknesses.

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