Published 2018-04-13
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Things that indicate you are smarter than you think

You are intelligent and this is an opinion of others but you still undervalue your abilities and knowledge. You are definitely not smart but you think you are a genius. This happens so often! People have a tendency to have a blurred vision of their qualities and skills. Some of them appear to be too demanding and ambitious and some too proud and naive. Let’s find out how you can check the level of your intelligence. There are some details that can indicate you may be smarter than you think.

Music lessons

Scientists have proved that music helps to develop children’s brain in various areas. According to the research conducted in 2011, children, between 4 and 6, did better at IQ tests just after a month of taking music lessons. Another research showed that children, aged 6 who were playing keyboard for 9 months, made a bigger succeed at IQ tests than children who had no such extracurricular classes or were taking part in activities such as drama.

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You are the oldest one

The oldest siblings are the smartest ones. This seems to be true! And Norwegian scientists proved this fact. In the research, there were 250 volunteers among whom there were siblings at a different age. It turned out that the firstborn had an average score 103 in IQ test, the next one had 100 and the third one of the siblings 99. It seems that it doesn’t even have to be influenced by genes but rather due to the interactions between children and their parents.

You are left-handed

There was also research that discovered a connection between the left-handed and a boost of creativity and ability to come up with innovative ideas. It is generally visible that left-handed can deal with multitasking and search for incredible solutions with better results than those who use their right hands for writing or eating. This may not be a rule but if you are a left-handed person than think hard if you have maybe some hidden sources of creativity that could be useful.

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When did you learn to read?

This is another indicator of being a clever person. British scientists have conducted a research which involves nearly 2000 pairs of identical twins. It turned out that those who learned to read early in their lives, much earlier than their siblings, achieved better results in tests that were related to cognitive abilities. The scientists claim that reading at the very early age improves both verbal and nonverbal intelligence. Maybe you should ask your mum when you learned that skill and then compare to others?

You often worry

More and more scientists believe that people who are often worried also tend to be more clever. In one research, 126 students were asked to fill in surveys in which they had to estimate how often they are worried, analyze and dwell on various matters. The results showed that those who have a tendency to worry a lot have also higher results while taking IQ tests, however only verbal ones. This is probably the only good side of worrying.

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You are funny

Scientists conducted research among 400 Psychology students to prove this phenomenon. The volunteers had to take IQ tests first, both concerning verbal and nonverbal intelligence. Then they had to come up with descriptions for a few cartoons from “New Yorker” magazine. These descriptions were estimated later and the results turned out to be quite surprising. Students who did better at tests had also those cartoons who were found the funniest ones.

You are curious about the world

This may be estimated by CQ, a kind of indicator that shows how motivated and determined you are to acquire new knowledge. It seems to quite obvious that those who are curious about the world are always more intelligent. After all, you must be traveling a lot, visiting new museums and learning about new cultures. This inevitably leads to gaining more and more knowledge, even if this process of learning is considered by you as pure entertainment.

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You like mess

This may seem incredible surprising but true! Scientists from the University of Minnesota discovered that living and working in a rooming that seems to be quite messy stimulates your creativity. Scientists conducted the research among 48 volunteers who had to come up with a creative, odd use of ping-pong ball. Half of them could think about it in a neat room and the other half in a messy room. It turned out that those who were working being surrounded by chaos came up with more creative ideas.

You like being alone

You are usually happier when you can socialize with others, but it seems that the most intelligent people are the exception to this rule. This phenomenon was also checked by scientists, this time from Singapore Management University and London School of Economics, who discovered that those most clever ones can easily enjoy spending time on their own. So if you and your best friend, no matter how much you like each other, often need some solitary time only for yourselves, then it may mean you are smarter than you think.

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