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20 Text messages that really attract men

Men often seem to have a reputation for being less sentimental than their girlfriends but that does not mean that they are not sensitive people who love romantic gestures. When it comes to text messages, they generally prefer simple and direct texts that show their most basic desires and instincts. That is why, if you wonder what kind of text messages you should send to a man to attract him, we have prepared a series of text messages that you should take into account ...

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1. "See you tomorrow! Have fun with your friends": This way, you let him know that he is not a prisoner and that you understand his needs to spend time with friends. In this way, he will know that you do not care too much when once in a while he is not with you and that the next time you are together, it will be unforgettable.
2. "We do not have to do anything complicated tonight. Let's order pizza for two and make a movie marathon": This shows that you are easy to please and also that simple things can make you happy.

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20 Text messages that really attract men 2

3. "I cannot wait to see you! I know we haven't planned to meet today, but if you can escape for a kiss, I would be the happiest woman in the world": You show that you are spontaneous and that you are not afraid to admit that you love seeing him. Even a single minute is more than enough.
4. "We don't have to go to that party. Let's stay at home and have ours". Not everyone likes formal parties anyway. Show him that you can be happy when you have a good time to enjoy intimacy.

20 Text messages that really attract men 3

5. "How much time will I have to wait for you? Can you come earlier?": In this way, you express your desire to be with him, and that he will be the only subject in your mind until you see them again.
6. "Guess what? I bought two tickets for the game you wanted to see": Nothing impresses a man more than a wife or girlfriend who wants to enjoy his favorite pastimes with him.

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7. "Of course I'm not jealous. I know you would not want to be with someone other than me": Self-confidence will allow the relationship to be a real success.
8. "Tell me when and I'll be ready": Women need more time to prepare than most men (and it's annoying). Calculate the time so as not to make him wait too long.
9. "My parents love you": Telling him that your parents like him will boost his confidence, and he will act more comfortable when he is around them.

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10. "It's a girls night (you're not invited)": Do not make him jealous for no reason. Tell him he does not have to worry if you go out with your friends one night. Jealousy is for teenagers.
11. "Next week it will be 'these days', so if I cry and start complaining about everything, do not take it personally": If you feel excessively emotional or angry during your period, make sure he is aware. That can help you avoid unnecessary quarrels.

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12. "I've been thinking about you all day. Do you know if there is any medicine for that?": You are so crazy about him that you wonder if there is a cure to heal you. This way you let him know that you are indeed crazy about him.
13. "I know you're busy. You can respond when you finish the work". Be understanding and fun, but do not get foolish if he cannot answer you immediately.

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14. "I want to relax and stay home tonight, so if you want to go out with your friends, there's no problem". If you do not feel like going out, do not force him to spend a boring night in your house.
15. "Tonight we can do everything you want". If from time to time you dedicate a night or a day to do what he likes the most then that will strengthen the relationship much more and you will become addicted to yourselves.

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16. "It was amazing last night!": Nothing is more effective than giving your boy's ego a boost.
17. "Of all your friends, you are by far most witty". For some reason, men feel satisfied when they are considered funny or humorous. Tell him that and he will be yours forever.
18. "Yesterday you were very handsome". You do not always have to tell this in person, but you can just let him know about it with a text message the next day. He will go crazy.

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19. "Next week your mother has a birthday. If you need help, I'll take care of it. Just tell me": It is scientifically proven that men forget many things, including their mother's birthday. Try to remember important dates or show that you are willing to help him prepare.
20. "Where do you want to go for dinner tonight? I invite": You can also show great interest in the relationship if you offer to pay the bill when you go out to eat. He may not want to agree, but at least it indicates that you are not a greedy woman who just searches for a sugar daddy.

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