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Published 2018-04-13
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8 Symptoms that may be related to a brain tumor

At present, although brain tumors are not the most frequent causes of death, they undoubtedly represent a terrifying threat to human health. According to the official data provided by the National Cancer Institute of the United States, only 33.3% of all people diagnosed manage to survive 5 years or more after the detection of their disease. While there are several types of tumors that can indicate this serious medical condition, a large part of them can lead to certain symptoms that we do not always associate with the danger.

1. Headache

Throughout the world, there are people who are prone - to a greater or lesser degree - to headaches. Those go to frequent medical check-ups are those who experience such discomforts very often, and especially in the mornings. If you suffer from migraines that are unbearable, go to your doctor. It may be some other, not serious reason but they may also indicate the excessive growth of brain tissue, that is the onset of a tumor.

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2. Tremors

First of all, do not confuse them with nervous tics. The tremors (or seizures) are manifested through involuntary muscle movements that occur due to supernatural electrical activity in the brain. They may start to bother you because of various diseases, but also in relation to tumors. For your own good, take care if at some point you begin to experience something similar.

3. Vision problems

In many cases, people affected by this difficult condition complain of several vision problems. The changes produced by the growing tumors inside the skull can affect both the peripheral vision and the sharpness of the sight. If you suddenly notice that you need to visit an ophthalmologist, do not procrastinate it. Even if you simply need glasses, it is best to check immediately and count out the worst alternatives.

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4. Deterioration of mental functions

It is usually believed that mental functions can deteriorate at the certain age when you are older. But not always. The inability to concentrate, memory failures and deterioration related to intellectual abilities should always alert you. Although they may indicate the development of more than one serious disease, they are sometimes a clear indication of a growing brain tumor. You have to pay attention to the details to ensure its onset.

Do not be fooled: the urge to vomit in the morning does not have to mean pregnancy and does not always mean gastric problems such as food poisoning. Although morning sickness can appear along with dizziness, when a serious brain disease comes, vomiting almost never relieves these symptoms. If, in addition, you feel an unbearable pain in the head, go to the doctor and demand a tomography.

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6. Loss of balance

Although throughout life we all experience vertigo, do not ignore any unexpected symptoms related to the loss of balance. The inability to maintain balance, problems with the coordination of movements or frequent falls without reason can indicate the development of a tumor. These are the symptoms that can arise when the change presses the cerebellum or destroys its cells.

7. Numbness

If you suddenly lose feeling in any part of your body or face, you need to be more careful and observe your body. In particular, if a tumor is formed on the brain stem, that is the area where your brain connects with your spinal cord, you can experience that you are losing the feeling and your body becomes numb in some parts. This definitely requires a consultation with a doctor.

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8. Changes in memory

Tumors can change person's behavior and personality - this may really happen. They are capable of changing your memory and thinking and in consequence, you are more likely to have a problem with remembering things and concentrating on learning new knowledge. You may feel distracted, confused and tend to forget some things. This also means that you should see a doctor as fast as possible

Even if you do not notice the symptoms that are mentioned in this article, be alert to any other unusual signs. The cramps, tingling, and convulsions of different parts of the body have to be investigated by the specialists. Also, remember that the sooner the disease is detected, the more likely it is a full recovery. If a few of the symptoms occur and continue, go to the doctor immediately.

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