Published 2018-04-13
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Best ways to show your affection according to men


If he suddenly asks you for an opinion on his clothes and takes into account your preferences then it must mean he is starting to fall in love with you! He wants to look attractive and handsome to you so he prefers consulting such trivial matters as clothing or perfume than making the decision on his own and then disappointing you. He will do everything to impress you so he is even ready to devote more time to stand in front of the mirror before the date!


Spending time with you

Fancy, creative and expensive dates are not always the sign that he is interested in you and wants to start a serious relationship. If he is in love, he wants to simply spend time with you no matter what you do. It can be playing chess, going shopping or just lying on the bed and eating popcorn. He will never say that it’s boring or tiring for you. The only thing that counts then is that he can be with a woman of his dreams. He is even willing to cancel a meeting with his friends if you need him.

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Spending time with you
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