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Horoscope for the week: April 16, 2018 - April 22, 2018


The week begins on a daring note. Maybe you're experimenting with a spicy recipe. Or maybe you're finally flirting with someone you've had an eye on for a while. This kind of boldness suits you this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, someone else's boldness might get to you a bit, perhaps a conflict with a friend or co-worker. But by week's end it'll be clear that as long as you communicate directly and honestly, people don't have anything on you. You are charming and rational. Still, the week's challenges will take their toll on you, and you'll need rest this weekend.


The way to deal with Monday's power struggle is simple: Don't be dismissive. Give this person the attention they deserve, and they'll calm down. You're good at dealing with people in moderation. Thankfully, for the rest of the week, you won't have to participate in any more arbitration. Tuesday and Wednesday should be pure fun (friends, romance, music, beauty) and Thursday and Friday will be relatively ordinary days with an edge to them (you're going to learn something that will blow your mind). This weekend, a piece of art is going to arouse intense and insightful emotions.

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You have tons of fun communicating with your friends, whether you're sitting around talking about your big plans for world conquest or debating a pressing social issue. But you'll have trouble transferring that comfortable communication style into the workplace (or even into your family life) on Wednesday. Your best bet? Hang out with your friends a lot this week. Attend a lecture or a concert with them on Thursday or Friday night, and spend a good amount of time this weekend giving a great friend some advice on a murky area of their life. People adore your ability to be funny and serious at the same time.


It's okay to think big on this one. You've been thinking about this new couch or this new computer or this new house for a while now. Monday is the day to finalize the sale. (Just make sure you can afford what you're buying before you sign the dotted line.) Then, for the rest of the week, take care of smaller details. Pay attention to a distant friend with a distant problem on Wednesday. Call a relative on Thursday. Hear out your neighbor's complaints on Friday. There is a lot of emotional intensity in the air this weekend, too. You might want to stay close to home.

This week is all about planning the future for the NEXT sign!


You've had a run of good luck (and also you've been working like a bee), and on Monday a lot of your efforts are going to pay off at once. You are going to be a star. You will be radiant. Use your recent successes to plan even bigger steps toward your dream future on Tuesday and Wednesday. A list of goals (both personal and financial) could be useful. On Friday, talk about what you're doing with someone whose opinion you respect, and get some encouragement and (if you need it) advice. This weekend, keep your ear to the ground. Stay attuned to the slightest developments.


You want to organize your life on Monday, but a bunch of things are changing rapidly, and any system you develop right now might become useless in a couple of days. Be flexible and hold off until Wednesday. By Wednesday, you'll have a much better sense of where you're headed, and you'll be able to make much better plans. Of course, you can't do any of this on your own, and on Thursday you and a partner are going to make a meaningful purchase. The great thing about this partner is that you two see things differently. There's value in that. Spend the weekend debating both sides of a pressing issue.

It's all about groupwork for the NEXT sign!


It's okay to dream big, especially this week on Monday. When you talk about your vision for the future, people are captivated. And naturally, they want to help. And certainly, you'd be glad to have their assistance. Spend Tuesday and Wednesday listening to their ideas and enjoying each other's company. Then, on Thursday, when the engine of this project really kicks into gear, everyone will be in a good place. (You'll be extra happy due to a simultaneous surge of passion in your love life.) Over the weekend, try not to obsess about the business reality of this new project. That's not what it's about.


You go into the week feeling confident and unstoppable. But on Monday, a weird run-in with the boss is going to deflate your mood. How annoying! Maybe this isn't the week to pour your energy into work after all. And, anyway, your friends would love to see you. Tuesday and Wednesday should be spent with great pals. The key to feeling happy on Thursday is to give in to someone else's idea, and the key to Friday is patience. This weekend, you'll be back on great footing energy-wise. People will be paying you compliments left and right.

The NEXT sign will feel extra lucky this week!


All you wanted was one or two pieces of chocolate. On Monday, you're going to get a lifetime supply. That's how the day will go. Abundance abounds. Try to let your pleasure last as long as possible, because an encounter with an authority figure on Tuesday or Wednesday threatens to dampen your mood a bit. Nevertheless, Thursday is a great day socially (your friends are plainly hilarious), and Friday is a great day personally (someone is going to tell you how much they love spending time with you). This weekend, there's a chance you'll be feeling moody -- and not for any particular reason. You have big plans on your mind.


You have the doldrums at the beginning of the week; work is frustrating, people are frustrating, the scarcity of lunch options is frustrating. But on Tuesday it will occur to you that you're actually getting a lot done, and your mood will improve. Wednesday, too, is a great day for crossing things off your to-do list. Toward the end of the week, you'll be in the headspace to start thinking about new projects, and a couple of people will express interest in helping out. This weekend, though, try your best not to think about work. Devote your considerable brain to thinking of fun ways to entertain yourself.

People love the generosity of the NEXT sign!


On Monday you're going to make a small compromise on something, and the other involved parties are going to be so thrilled at your willingness to be flexible that they might just give you what you wanted all along. It's amazing what you can discover about people simply by doing what they least expect. You'll spend a lot of time this week judging people's motives and figuring out how to get the most out of them. You'll also find ways to connect with people you literally have nothing in common with. You are good on your feet. You are good in front of an audience. Dazzle a crowd this weekend.


You have some strong ideas about how everything should go down, but you'd be wise not to inflict your opinions on others. The more reserved you are on Monday, the better. The less critical you are on Tuesday and Wednesday, the happier you (and everyone else) will be. This is a new strategy for you, this strategy of circumspection, and it will work wonders. Problems still might arise in a partnership on Thursday or Friday, but they're the kind of problems that would arise anyway. Speaking of problems, some advice: Don't shake hands with anyone over the weekend until you know for sure that you can trust them.

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