Published 2018-04-16
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6 Best tricks for using aluminum foil

You do not need to take kitchen very seriously to be interested in knowing details related to this world that could well be considered of general culture. The world of cooking does not need to be your main vocation or your preferred professional outlet so that you give it the importance it requires to know the main uses that some elements of high utility such as aluminum foil have.

6 Best tricks for using aluminum foil 1

Aluminum foil has many more uses than covering food and favoring its optimum preservation. But unfortunately, most ignore them and do not realize the enormous utility that can come to have a material as banal and easy to get as is the aluminum foil. Not without first warning of the pollution problems that could cause excessive consumption of this type of material due to the difficulties it presents to recycle, we would like to introduce 6 smart uses that can be given to it and that most of us do not know.

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6 Best tricks for using aluminum foil 2

1. Avoid static electricity from clothes

When we straighten our clothes, it can be highly frustrating to find that small pieces of dirty material cling to your fabric, refusing to go for good. This is due to the phenomenon of static electricity. Well, now it is easier to get rid of these remains that are subject to our clothes by making a ball with the aluminum foil and rubbing it on all the garments. With this, the electricity will disappear, and therefore, this tendency to the subjection of certain annoying materials to our garments will cease.

2. Transform AAA batteries into AA batteries

The vast majority of electronic components require AA batteries to operate for long periods, so when we only have triple-A batteries, we could be in trouble. A mishap that aluminum foil can save us. Try to put aluminum foil on the positive ends of the battery prior to its insertion into the equipment and you will see how you can alter the type of battery, asserting the AAA type for good for cases that require AA.

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3. Iron both sides of the clothes at the same time

The truth is that no one likes to wear wrinkled clothes, which makes us look not professional as well as uncomfortable and unattractive for the opposite gender. Well, we have a solution for you. Place a sheet of aluminum foil under the clothes while the plates, this will save you time and help you leave the material with few wrinkles.

4. Replace a funnel

When it comes to obtaining a significant amount of liquid for a small, almost tiny, opening or hole we can easily get frustrated if we do not enjoy a funnel near us or very close to hand. In order to avoid a large spill, mold a sheet of aluminum foil as a funnel and place it in an inserted way in the hole of what you want to fill with liquid.

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5. Sharpen the scissors

The knife sharpening is quite simple. All you need is a whetstone, a different knife or even a porcelain cup. Yes, you can use an ordinary porcelain cup for this. Before sharpening knives, it is worth to soak them for half an hour in a salt solution in the proportions of 3 tablespoons of salt per a half liter of water. After soaking, the knives will be sharpened much easier and faster. The more difficult thing is to sharpen the scissors.

If you are a person who loves to use scissors or who for labor reasons always need them at hand, you should know that the edge of the blades that make up this object tend to wear out and reduce their functionality. And it rages because we have to repeat the cut on numerous occasions if we want it to be clean and complete. Well, the best trick to keep sharp the knife of the scissors is to pass a piece of aluminum paper for this, in fact, that will sharpen its cutting ability.

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1. Avoid static electricity from clothes

6. Move the furniture with ease

When you move your furniture, remember to bend your knees, not your waist. It will be easier then to lift something heavy and reduce the risk of overloading the spine. You have to take care of your health and your spine not to strain it. You can pick up flat, long items with a rope. Tie two of its ends and hook the loops on the corners of the object. So prepared you can start lifting even with one hand. It will not cause you a big problem and the loop will make it much easier for you.

2. Transform AAA batteries into AA batteries

When you decide to rearrange a room in your home, moving heavy furniture is never fun, especially if you have carpets that run across the floor and that make it difficult to move and optimally slide furniture. The problem can be ended thanks to something as simple as placing a simple aluminum foil under the legs of the tables or sofas, which will allow them to slide along the carpet more easily. Problem solved!

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3. Iron both sides of the clothes at the same time
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