Published 2018-04-16
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Russell Crowe earned more than 3 million dollars on the divorce sale of props

Russell Crowe organized a divorce auction. He was selling souvenirs from his common life with his wife Danielle Spencer. Russell Crowe in 2012, after 9 years of marriage, parted ways with Danielle Spencer. Apparently, the couple spent too little time together - the actor traveled a lot because of work and rarely saw his family. This resulted in the spouses moving away from each other...

After 6 years of separation, the time has come for an official divorce. On this occasion, Crowe organized the auction "The Art of Divorce", on which he sells common souvenirs. Over 200 items went to the auction: film props, sports memorabilia, paintings, jewelry, guitars and even weapons, motorcycles or cars. The auction started on April 7. The actor, not without reason, chose this term and cleverly invented it. This is the date of his birth and at the same time... the wedding anniversary.

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According to the Sunday Telegraph, Danielle Spencer's account is to rise by 20 million dollars after divorce. In addition, she will keep the $11 million Rose Bay property. Crowe does not want their sons, 14-year-old Charles and 10-year-old Tennyson, to part with the house in which they were brought up. Probably the whole undertaking is not about money, but about goodbye. Divorce is meant to be an opportunity to visualize what is really needed for life.

"Supervising this project gave me real joy. Collecting and deciding what we will do for the auction is a cleansing experience," confessed Russell Crowe. Admittedly, this is an unusual way. At least there will be no brawls. The excellent auction house "Sotheby" took over Elston's Hall at Redfern's Carriageworks to lead the divorce auction of Russell Crowe, "The Art of Divorce".

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Australian actor earned 3.7 million Australian dollars in this way. There were 227 different kinds of exhibits under the hammer - including leather underwear from the film "Cinderella Man" and chariot from "Gladiator". The auction took place on the birthday of Crowe, the actor celebrated his 54th birthday then. The "Russell Crowe: The Art of Divorce" auction in "Sotheby" in Sidney turned out to be a success and brought the actor several million dollars more in the account - exactly 3.7 million Australian dollars (2.8 million US dollars). As the actor wrote on Twitter: "Nice rate for 5 hours of work".

The actor wrote on Twitter: "The Art of Divorce. In case anyone is interested... $3.7k at the end of the coal $350k of conversations ongoing... and a bunch of stuff hour shift. Hope you are happy and busy". Gary Singer from Sotheby said the auction was extremely successful. "People are crazy, we're dealing with real crowe-mania"- he told the Sunday channel Channel Seven Sunday. Among the exhibits: film props, sports memorabilia, paintings, women's jewelry, weapons, motorcycles, cars, watches (as many as 28), guitars and a prehistoric remnant from the Cretaceous period.

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The replica of the chariot from the movie "Gladiator" was sold for 65 thousand dollars, breastplate - 125 thousand dollars, wooden training sword - 20 thousand dollars and the iron one was sold for 70 thousand dollars. Other film props also appeared at the auction - including from the movie "Proof" from 1991, "Romper Stomper", "The Silver Brumby" and "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World".

The auction also featured jewelry, which he donated to his ex-wife, Danielle Spencer, sports memorabilia and watches - including broken watch brand "Armani" was sold for $1100, and "Rolex" - 40 thousand dollars. Interestingly, some of the auctioned items were purchased by the Australian National Museum. Among the things that got rid of Crowe, one should remember the skull of the Mosasaur from the Cretaceous period, the stationery from the 17th century, pistols from the 18th century or a bronze cannon.

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Crowe, according to employees of "Sotheby", was a seasoned collector, so it is not surprising that the auction enjoyed such a great success. Sale of items is to help him move forward and close the next stage of his life. The date of April 7 was not accidental - on this day the actor not only celebrates his birthday, he got married to Spencer. The auction also honored the finalization of the divorce. Danielle, at whose request the couple parted, enriched in this way by 20 million dollars.

Australian actor sold also his favorite motorcycle. The replica of the chariot from "Gladiator" was sold for 65 thousand Australian dollars. Russell Crowe is also a musician, so the guitars at the auction did not surprise anyone. During the divorce auction, there were many interested people. Apparently, Ed Sheeran was interested in the participation, too!

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Russell Crowe earned more than 3 million dollars on the divorce sale of props 1
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