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How did the actress who incarnated the "old Rose" in Titanic look in her youth?

Mixing history and fiction...

In the year 1997, one of the most famous films of all the History of the seventh art was released. Who would have thought that a feature film about the sinking of a ship was going to reach such popularity? The Canadian director James Cameron (62) achieved success with this film, which told the love story between two supposedly fictional characters called Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater. These two people, despite belonging to different social classes, embarked on the majestic Titanic transatlantic without knowing what would happen next.

Mixing history and fiction...

In the month of April of the year 1912, this gigantic ship left from the English locality of Southampton to the American city of New York. Day 10, it left in the direction of the United States, but what nobody expected was that at dawn on the 15th a gigantic iceberg would cross his path. Subsequent information has confirmed that the accident could have been avoided, but it seems that the captain did not pay attention to the instructions given to him by the radio.
Do you want to know what the actress who played Rose looked like in her youth? You will be surprised enough!

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Mixing history and fiction... 1

A great movie...

What is the main argument of this film that was so famous? Although the film has already been seen by millions of people, many have not yet visualized it, so we will show its plot below. The film is starring a 17-year-old girl named Rose DeWitt Bukater. This girl belongs to the upper class of society and accesses the boat accompanied by her mother and who would supposedly become her future husband, Caledon Hockley. As can be seen, the relationship between the two is forced.

A great movie...

Such is the sadness of Rose before his situation that the first dawn of the crossing decides to take his life jumping from the deck of the ship to the sea. At the last moment, the third-class passenger Jack Dawson prevents the girl from jumping into the void, starting a love story that will be postponed until the end of the film. This film is highly recommended, as it won 11 awards, including best film and best director.
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A great movie... 1

The character and the actresses

Rose DeWitt Bukater, the protagonist of the film, was played by two different actresses, Kate Winslet (41) and Gloria Stuart (f. 2010). While the former occupied a large part of the film giving life to the "young Rose", the latter was in charge of embodying that character when he was already in his third age. Both interpreters gained international fame for the masterful role they played; they did not manage to win the Oscar, but the audience realized that they had a great talent for the performing arts.

The character and the actresses

Do you remember how the movie "Titanic" begins? An old woman is heard saying these words: "84 years have passed..." Gloria Stuart, an actress born in Santa Monica in 1910, was always very grateful to the director James Cameron for the role he gave her. Although the trajectory in the world of the show stood out for its extension, the certain thing is that never it finished arriving at the stardom in the previous years.
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The character and the actresses 1

A great trajectory...

Gloria Stuart stood out from the time she was young by its great dowries for the interpretation, for that reason at the age of 22 years already she had signed a contract with the prestigious study of cinema "Universal". The actress stood out from the rest thanks also to her beauty; director James Whale (f.1957) realized that he had found a "gold mine" in her, so he gave her the leading role in films such as "The invisible man" and "The Old Dark House". In 1934 she joined 20th Century Fox, where her career took off completely, being present in almost 40 films.

A great trajectory...

Despite the fact that the decade of the 30s had been enormously successful for her, the truth is that during the following years she lost some of her bellows. Gloria also realized that painting was her passion, so for almost three decades, she devoted herself completely to everything related to canvases and art galleries. Finally, in 1975 she saw that she had fulfilled her dream, so she returned to the cinema thanks to the television movie "The Legend of Lizzie Borden".
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A great trajectory... 1

Fame came to her life!

In 1982, Hollywood returned to count on her for a renowned film: "My favorite year". Despite returning successfully to the stage, the truth is that something very tragic came to her life: breast cancer. We all know how complicated this disease is, but luckily Gloria gathered enough strength to get ahead, defeating this evil forever. Already in 1997 one of her last papers would arrive at her, nothing less than in the well-known "Titanic"; Rose DeWitt became a kind of symbol for her.

Fame came to her life!

Giving life to the protagonist in her third age and acting as a narrator. Stuart returned to achieve that fame that she had lost for so long. It's true that she did not get an Oscar or a Golden Globe, but she did receive a SAG award for best-supporting actress in 1997. Her life came to an end on September 26, 2010: she had reached the long age of 100 years! A lung cancer took it away, but everyone who knows her will always keep it in mind.

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Fame came to her life! 1
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