Published 2018-04-16
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How did the actress who incarnated the "old Rose" in Titanic look in her youth?

A great movie...

What is the main argument of this film that was so famous? Although the film has already been seen by millions of people, many have not yet visualized it, so we will show its plot below. The film is starring a 17-year-old girl named Rose DeWitt Bukater. This girl belongs to the upper class of society and accesses the boat accompanied by her mother and who would supposedly become her future husband, Caledon Hockley. As can be seen, the relationship between the two is forced.

A great movie...

Such is the sadness of Rose before his situation that the first dawn of the crossing decides to take his life jumping from the deck of the ship to the sea. At the last moment, the third-class passenger Jack Dawson prevents the girl from jumping into the void, starting a love story that will be postponed until the end of the film. This film is highly recommended, as it won 11 awards, including best film and best director.
Ready to meet one of the most charismatic actresses in the cinema? Here we go!

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A great movie... 1
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