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Published 2018-04-16
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Illnesses we are prone to have based on our month of birth

Although it sounds like a complete superstition, studies more and more often confirm that the month in which we were born determines certain health attributes.

People who were born in the first month are much more likely to suffer from hypertension, lung cancer, and heart disease. This month also determines the morbidity above the average for type 2 diabetes, and obesity is much more common than in people born in another month. Mental health also leaves much to be desired. Numerous studies have shown that the dark season and vitamin D deficiency causes an increased probability of depression and schizophrenia and causes feelings of sadness and hopelessness. However, the head up, the lifespan of people born in January is well above average.


Many people born in February have problems with weakened immune systems. This promotes the development of allergies. Lungs, prostate cancer, and vascular calcification occur very often. People from this month are less likely to be bitten by insects and less susceptible to respiratory diseases.
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Infants from this month often suffer from angina. In addition, women often have eating disorders such as anorexia or obesity. People born in March have a very sensitive heart and in the future may suffer from atrial fibrillation, impaired heart valves or its failure. Also in March people, prostate cancer and calcification occur much more often. Just as in the case of people born in February, allergy to pollen is very common.


People born in April are at a risk of developing cancer, heart and lung disease. In children who were born in April, respiratory diseases are much more common, so that a sore throat and bronchitis are frequent accidents. In adult life, a pessimistic view of the world and sadness often develops, which promotes depression and addiction to drinking.

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First, good news, people born in May and July are less likely to get sick than their peers born in another month. The probability of cancer is much lower. However, people with may increase the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, hypertension, and gluten intolerance. In older age, depression often develops, and the suicide rate is 17% higher than in other cases.


Infants born in June are accompanied by a lack of appetite. The risk of developing anorexia is 30% above the average. Also, the incidence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease is very high. However, people from June rarely suffer from cancer or heart attacks. The summer months are conducive to good mood and people born this month are rather optimistic.

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People from July are full of good humor. Depression? Not with them! However, in the case of people born this month, difficulties arise in the case of teeth, bones and the digestive system. In addition, type 1 diabetes develops disproportionately frequently. It also turns out that people from this month have fewer children than in other cases. In addition, the risk of stroke and cancer is extremely rare.


If you were born in this beautiful month of the year which is August, you need to know the following information. Mites make life in August difficult. Sinusitis or conjunctivitis occurs very often. However, for those people who were born in August, the risk of asthma is low. People born in August have a very healthy heart, which makes a stroke or heart attack much less likely.

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People who were born this month are less likely to have diabetes with heart disease. Infants often fight blemishes that disappear in later years. Also, bacterial infections of the stomach and respiratory system are very common. Also be wary of allergies.
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People born in October are quite strong and suffer from few discomforts. However, bone fractures, osteoporosis and tooth decay are common. This month may also be conducive to the development of venous diseases, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. Nevertheless, people from October live long and the risk of heart disease, cancer, and hypertension is small.

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Acute bronchitis, viral infections, atopic dermatitis, neurological disorders and ADHD are the most common ailments among people who were born in November. However, the likelihood of diabetes, obesity and heart disease is much lower in people born in November. People from this month are endowed with above average life expectancy.


The risk of injury is particularly high, so bruises are commonplace. In people who were born in December, the risk of mental disorders like schizophrenia or manic depression is 8% higher. On the other hand, the winter months are not conducive to the development of heart disease and diabetes.
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