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Published 2018-04-16
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How to choose a neckline according to your figure?

Clothing is a very important part of our life. We dress differently when we are at home and when we go to work or a party. Always keep in mind that we should choose our clothes according to our body type, height, and weight. Every detail of our clothing can make a big difference, so be careful with matching garments. Women are usually more careful in this regard and spend much more time choosing their clothes.

In this article, we are going to analyze several types of neckline that can help us enhance our figure, or on the contrary, make us look much worse. A neckline should be chosen according to our body type, our height, but above all, we ourselves have to feel good about it. It does not have to be too extravagant to attract attention. Here we present several types of necklines that you can analyze and check which will be your favourite.

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1. Round neckline

A round neckline is quite simple and suits most women. It looks good with both the abundant breast and the thinner body. Optically it lengthens the neck and makes the bust look bigger. This type of neckline should be avoided when you have very wide shoulders because you can see even bigger. Do you like to wear clothes that have rounded neckline or do you prefer other types?

2. Asymmetrical neckline

There are many types of asymmetrical necklines, but most of them leave a shoulder to the air. That favors women who have broad, square shoulders. It helps to highlight the neck, lengthening it. It can be used with all bust sizes and with all types of bodies. This type of neckline is used especially in the dresses that are used for night parties. It looks very elegant and if you do not know what to wear, an asymmetric dress will be the ideal choice.

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3. Hooded neckline

It is also called a plunging neckline or draped neckline that falls with folds in the bust. It is very elegant and sensual. It can adapt various forms and especially favors women who have a very small bust and thin shoulders. It enhances the bust and makes it look optically bigger. What do you think about this neckline? Is this your favourite or not really?

4. Heart neckline

One of the most elegant and popular necklines. It is excellent for women who have the most abundant bust. If it is well chosen and adjusted to the figure, it can also be used by the thinner women who have medium or small breasts. It adapts perfectly to almost any body type. When it is located lower, it can lengthen the neck. You can also combine it with straps to feel more comfortable.

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5. Halter neckline

It is a neckline that is attached to the back of the neck, leaving bare shoulders and back. It enhances the neck and is a perfect neckline for both women with little bust and for those who have an abundant bust and want to cover and reduce their size. When a dress, apart from that neckline also has a belt, it favors especially women with well-marked curves.

6. Neckline with drooping shoulders

The neckline of fallen shoulders is one of the most feminine necklines. Many times it is used by brides. Teaches the shoulders and makes the upper part of the body look very sensual. It easily adapts to all bust sizes. It favors women with thick arms. However, it is not suitable for women with short and thick necks. Do you like to wear outfits with such necklines?

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7. Tear neckline

It is a neckline that is characterized by having an opening in the chest part. In this way, it brings a bit of sensuality to the dress. The neckline can be narrow or wide, long or short and are precisely the measures that achieve the desired effects. It can be used by women of all body types. However, it is best seen in the thinnest ones with the abundant breast and the long neck.

8. Deep neckline

Deep necklines are often used more when it comes to party dresses. They are excellent when we want to attract attention and seduce. It usually adapts the letter V shape and has many advantages: it lengthens the neck, enhances the curves and forms a balance between the upper and lower part of the body. It is not recommended for women with short legs and very small busts.

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