Published 2018-04-17
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How to choose the best sunglasses in 4 steps

For many decades, sunglasses have been an incredibly fashionable gadget. We have some pieces of advice for you on how to choose sunglasses in just four steps:

Step 1. Look at the UV filter
When choosing new glasses, be sure that they have a UV filter, because only such ones provide protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Good glasses must have certificates - and these are usually marked with CE, EN, ISO or UV 400. The latter means that the glass reflects the radiation in the range up to 400 nm (ie UV radiation, above 400 nm is already visible light).

How to choose the best sunglasses in 4 steps 1

Unfortunately, cheap models, unsigned logos of any known brand, usually instead of glasses with UV filters have two darkened pieces of plastic. Of course, such glasses do not protect the eyes in the slightest way. On the contrary; they can harm you. If you wear glasses with dark-painted paint pieces of plastic instead of glasses with a UV filter, you take a much higher dose of harmful ultraviolet radiation. How is this possible? A simple rule works here: your pupil becomes accustomed to the darkness and thus expands. The effect is that it absorbs more UV rays. More even than if you did not have any glasses on!

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How to choose the best sunglasses in 4 steps 2

Step 2. Is polarization necessary?

No, but it's useful. Polarization is a special filter that eliminates all kinds of reflections of sunlight. If you buy sunglasses with polarization, the comfort of looking will be better because you get rid of unpleasant reflections. However, not every branded sunglasses are polarized. So, should you reject the model, which, Nomen omen, caught your attention, but does not have polarization? No, because the lack of polarization does not affect the eye protection. However, if you decide between a pair of equally nice glasses, but some are with polarization and the other without - choose the first one.

Step 2. Is polarization necessary?

Simply your comfort of looking will be better. Perhaps with everyday use, the difference will not be diametrical, but you will feel it when you get behind the wheel of the car.

Step 3. Choose the color
The color affects not only the aesthetics but also the way of looking at the world. It is best to choose the most neutral ones (gray, brown or gray-green). Brown-colored glasses emphasize the contrast, while gray ones will suppress it. The most versatile category is III, because the lower one will be too bright, and the higher one is not recommended for drivers.

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Step 2. Is polarization necessary? 1

Step 4. How to choose glasses for face shape?

Not everyone knows the principle of choosing glasses according to the shape of your face. And they are very simple. When choosing glasses, look for those that have an opposite shape to the shape of your face. When you have a rectangular or triangular face, choose round glasses. Also, remember that the frames for the glasses are not too big and do not rest on the cheeks. In the first case, they will unnecessarily dominate the face, and in the second case the lenses will simply evaporate quickly and get dirty.

Step 4. How to choose glasses for face shape?

Here is a better guide...

Square face
The square face has equal proportions and very expressive features. It is characterized by a strongly defined jaw and a broad forehead, as well as strongly defined cheekbones. Such a face needs to be slender and its sharp features must be rounded. It is best if sunglasses will sit rather high on the nose in order to optically reduce the jawline. That's why for a woman with this face type, the best are oval, cat-eye or the so-called aviatrix sunglasses.

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Step 4. How to choose glasses for face shape? 1

Diamond face

The face of a diamond, otherwise called oblong, is characterized by a narrow forehead and chin, and expressive cheekbones (as if in a long, straight line). This face shape is very rare, but to soften the sharp features and draw attention to the eyes, the best choice of sunglasses will be those covering the center of the face. They can have a rectangular, oval or cat-eye shape. In this case, the color of the frames also matters. The upper part should be colored and patterned because thick frames with decorations distract the attention from your cheekbones and jawline.

Diamond face

Triangular face

The triangular face has a high, broad forehead, a gentle jawline, and a narrow chin. It is sometimes called a heart-shaped face. In this case, sunglasses should divert attention from the wide forehead and emphasize the bottom of the face. The best are thin frames, which do not sit high on the nose. As for the shape, you should choose a rounded, square or oval shape. The so-called cat's eyes and butterfly-shaped glasses also fit well.

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Triangular face

Round face

This type of face has the same height and width and is characterized by full cheeks, low forehead and rounded chin. That's why for this type of beauty, it is best to choose sunglasses that will visually lengthen your face and contrast with it in the form of straight, angular frames. Square, rectangular and cat-eye will work best. Your face would look thinner if you will choose the glasses with a clear bridge over the nose, which optically widens the shape of the eyes. When it comes to color, intensive and dark frames are especially recommended.

Round face

Oval face

This is the most universal shape of the face that most sunglasses fit into. The round face is harmonious, it has an ideal proportion of width to height. It is characterized by a high forehead and a rounded, longitudinal chin. As we said nearly all shapes of glasses fit this type of beauty. However, the best will be rounded, rectangular and square or the so-called aviator sunglasses. It must also be remembered that the glasses should be as wide as the widest place on the face.

Oval face

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