Published 2018-04-18
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9 Celebrities who do NOT treat their assistants well...

The stars in question are so rich that they can employ many employees, dealing with the smallest details of their lives: chauffeurs, cleaners, cooks, hairdressers, stylists, bodyguards and personal assistants. There are always a lot of people around the stars and it seems that celebrities without them would not be able to function anymore. Unfortunately, not everyone treats their employees with due respect. Some people even forget that all people from their "handling" are also free people, not their private slaves. Do you want to know which celebrities are treating their employees this way? Let's get started!

1. Jennifer Lopez

1. Jennifer Lopez

In accordance with Huffington Post UK, "the singer has reportedly banned staff working on her new home from talking to or making eye contact with her." And according to Gawker, when J. Lo was searching for a new assistant, these were the requirements: "The person has to be graceful under pressure, have thick skin, and be resourceful in foreign countries. You'll be on call 24/7... You have to change diapers, work on little sleep, and cook if the butler is away. You have to know when J.Lo has her snack time. She won't say she's hungry, and you're expected to have food waiting."

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2. Christian Bale

The Welsh actor is known especially for the main role of filming the adventures of Batman. He also won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the film "The Fighter." The actor in the business show environment is considered one of the most unpleasant people to cooperate with. Almost every time, the production team of films with Bale's participation must deal with unpredictable moods and strange whims of the actor. To this, it must be mentioned that the rest of the cast of the film has complained that he is simply afraid of the actor. It's no secret that even Christian Bale's family does not have an easy life with him. In 2008, the actor attacked his mother in a London hotel. In the environment, he is considered one of the most unstable, unpleasant and violent people.

3. Lady Gaga

The eccentric singer gained fame in 2008 thanks to hits such as "Poker Face" and "Born This Way" and since then she has become one of the best known and most sought-after artists in the world. Although Lady Gaga seems to be a nice and nice person, which her fans have often seen, she is not so forgiving for her employees. One of them recently revealed that the artist requires almost 24 hours of help. Its employees even sleep in the same place where the artist and often complain about the lack of private life.

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4. Kylie Jenner

The clan of the Kardashian-Jenner Sisters became famous thanks to the participation in the program "With the camera at the Kardashians", which shows their daily lives and relationships between family members. The youngest of the Kylie sisters, however, is known for her particularly capricious humor. The celebrity is unbearable for its employees, and even perfectly made work looks for mistakes, which means that employees have to repeat the action once again. Kylie also applies with superiority to people serving her in bars, restaurants or cafes.

5. Kim Kardashian

Another star in our list is Kylie's older sister, Kim Kardashian, who is undoubtedly the most well-known of all the sisters. Kim emanates dignity and often experiments with fashion... Wherever she appears, a crowd of paparazzi follow her to want to take her picture. Unfortunately, celebrity employees also can not consider their work a pleasure. They relieve it in the simplest activities, as well as sending private messages and e-mails. Their work lasts several hours a day, so it's hard to say that these people have their own lives. Therefore, as a rule, none of Kim's employees can withstand it for more than a few weeks.

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6. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller is one of the most known and recognizable comedians in the world. An actor in the leading roles in comedy films such as "Night in the Museum", "Zoolander" and "The Way for a Blonde". Often, it seems to us that comics emanate a natural sense of humor and in real life are exactly like the characters they play. Unfortunately, this does not work for this actor. His co-workers noticed that the actor is very introverted, unpleasant for the environment and he prefers to avoid contact with other people.

7. Shakira

Shakira is one of the most internationally recognized Latin American singers and has fans around the world who support her unconditionally. The Colombian star has an almost angelic appearance. Looking at her, it would seem that she is a warm and nice person. Unfortunately, two former employees of the artist revealed that they were released without giving any reason. They also said that Shakira's work lasted often after about 17 hours a day.

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8. Charlize Theron

Charlize is one of the most recognizable actresses in the world. She won her fame in 2003 when she received two prestigious awards: Oscar and Golden Globe for her role in the film "Monster". The actress gives the impression of being cold and introverted, and this opinion is confirmed by her employees. The artist does not even speak to them, but only shows with her finger or gesture what she wants from them. Employees also have to keep silence between themselves and all conversations are not welcomed by the actress.

9. Naomi Campbell

There is nothing but a nightmare to work with a supermodel that is Naomi Campbell... In accordance with "People", the supermodel supposedly threw a phone at her assistant back in 2001. This assistant admitted also that Campbell "grabbed her by the arms and threw her down on a couch." As if it was not enough, earlier, in 2000, Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty to another assault for hitting an assistant...

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2. Christian Bale
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